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Ingosstrahu patients

" are required; Ingosstrah realised in Novosibirsk the project announced still in 2007. Till the end of March will begin reception of patients clinic of its own network Be healthy . The volume of investments into building acquisition on the Red prospectus and the equipment has made 180 million rbl. Participants of the medical market warn its beginner about a high competition - the capital of the Siberian federal district is attractive to the medical services which volume grows.
as it became known , the federal insurance company Ingosstrah for the first time declared desire to open own clinic in Novosibirsk more three years ago, selects the candidate on a post of its head physician. According to the head of department of direct investments OSAO Ingosstrah Tatyanas Kajgorodovoj, versatile clinic under a brand Be healthy will open in specially got for this purpose at bank Sibkontakt a five-floor building under the Red prospectus, 11/ 2. The Medical institution is calculated by the area of 2,43 thousand in sq. m on reception of one and a half thousand patients in day, total attached patients will make about 40 thousand

For the first time about creation of a network of clinics Ingosstrah declared some years ago. To the beginning of 2011 network medical institutions Be healthy have opened in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Saratov. Till the end of the year it is supposed to start in operation clinic in Krasnoyarsk.

the Novosibirsk clinic has managed Ingosstrahu in 180 million rbl., madam Kajgorodova has informed, without having specified, what part of this sum is spent for building acquisition. According to the director of the realtor company the Acropolis Zafara Umarova, it could manage Ingosstrahu a maximum in 120 million rbl. In case terms of transaction did not provide instalments of payments more than for a year . But, most likely, it is a question of the smaller sum, it has made a reservation, as now the majority of transactions of purchase and sale of objects is entirely made at least with small discount from initial conditions .

Experts and participants of the market warn about a high competition which will face Ingosstrah . According to analyst UK finam Management Maxim Kljagina, the volume of the market of private medical services in the Novosibirsk region has made following the results of 2010 about $40 million Financial crisis, he though has affected has noted, but in region the sector of private medical services remained rather steady. Decrease in rates of increase took place only: in 2008 the market has grown almost on 20 %, in 2009 - on 2 %, for 11 months 2010 - on 0,7 %. Novosibirsk as a city - millionnik is perspective for rendering of private medical services, already now the prices in local paid clinics are comparable with Moscow, has told the director of a network of the private medical centres the Cornelian Snezhana Kolesnikov. the quantity of patients in many medical centres if was reduced, is insignificant - she has added.

the majority of potential patients already became clients of the best private town establishments, the general director " believes; Laboratory diagnostics of Invitro Evgenie Pechkovsky. Under its data, leading players - Avitsenna the Center of new technologies Alpha honey - promptly expand the business. The mister Pechkovsky considers that in this connection to the beginner in the market will uneasy occupy a niche, and, probably, at first Ingosstrahu It is necessary to count only on own clients under policies of obligatory and voluntary medical insurance.

to take the marked lath in 1,5 thousand patients a day, proceeding only from the patients, that is buyers of policies of medical insurance, Ingosstrahu it will not be possible - it is necessary to search in a foreign market - the director of private polyclinic " is convinced; Smitra Peter Smirenko. However, as he said, volume of investments into clinic Ingosstraha even minus the sum on purchase of a building, very big for Novosibirsk, such money allows to create the offer which is distinct from that today is in the market .

According to Tatyana Kajgorodovoj, Novosibirsk clinic Ingosstraha will begin work till the end of March.