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Dark way

On two and a half an hour without light there were six villages of Shimanovsky area of the Amur region and five frontier posts in region territory. Truboukladchik on pipeline VSTO building has damaged a unique high-voltage line which provides an electrical supply of these settlements. For two years in area it already the eighth similar case of damage LEP. In Open Company Far East building management which is the customer of building of the oil pipeline, have declared that understand on each similar incident.
switching-off of a high-voltage line 35 kv SHimanovsk - Georgievka has occurred on January, 19th in 17. 26 local time, have informed yesterday in a press - service of branch of Open Society DRSK the Amur electric networks . A line has damaged truboukladchik at building of second turn VSTO. On this site Open Company contract organisation " works; SK the Clover (Penza). Right after failures two brigades of the Amur electric networks have gone from Shimanovska on damage search. In 15 km from a city they have found out a site of a line with the torn off wire. In 19. 56 electrical supply has renewed.

two and a half an hour sat without light more than two thousand inhabitants of villages Georgievka, Saskal, Aktaj, Free Work, Simonovo and Ushakovo, also boiler-houses of the settlements, two schools, hospital, chinks have plunged into a gloom. Besides, the centralised electrical supply was disconnected on five frontier posts on the river the Cupid. Absolutely without light frontier guards, of course, did not remain - they have reserve power supplies.

last year was seven similar cases of damage of a transmission line SHimanovsk - Georgievka . The general damage then has made more than 114 thousand roubles. all is result of infringement of norms on work in security zones LEP, - the director of branch of Open Society " considers; DRSK The Amur electric networks Evgenie Semenjuk. - Contract organisations do not carry out the obligations taken on in spite of the fact that we signed the agreement from Open Company Far East building management (DSD) on work in areas of power objects. A transmission line pressure 35 kv - unique, delivering the electric power in these villages .

In Open Company Far East building management which is the customer of building of the oil pipeline, official comments happened have refused. on object contract organisations, their set work, and to everyone truboukladchiku we cannot put the controller. All these incidents completely do not pass, on everyone trials " are spent; - have told in DSD.