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62 years to operating director 5 Retail Group to Yury Kobaladze

It Today are executed the film director July Gusman congratulates:

- these days all progressive public with unknown scope celebrates birthday of the person - legends, the person - riddles, the person - a holiday, the general - major SVR in Yury Georgievicha Kobaladze`s resignation. For the clear reasons, a little that is known about its heroic labour activity. We with pleasure would go on reconnaissance with it, but he never and anywhere did not invite us. We with pleasure would teach with it journalism, but it, alas, has here again done without us. We even that a sin to conceal, with pleasure would dump the prices for meat products in subordinated shops in the presence of the prime minister, but also here so have quickly dumped and have restored that we even to buy were in time nothing. But all - all perfectly know, what Jura the clever, kind, cheerful, delicate and decent person. These most important human qualities as air are necessary both to the scout, and the hero, both the teacher, and the seafarer, both the carpenter, and skilled professional kolbasovedu! Happy birthday, expensive person - a symphonic orchestra!

61 year to the first deputy of general director ITAR on January, 23rd is executed - the TASS to Michael Gusman

It is congratulated by the president of the World council of news agencies Serhio Fernandez Novoa:

- Dear Michael! I hasten to wish with all the heart from far Argentina you happy birthday and to transfer hot greetings. I want to thank once again you, dear friend, that you were at the beginnings of the creation of the World council of the news agencies which have become today by a recognised authoritative international forum. Health to you and new creative successes! Successes to dear world news agency ITAR - TASS!

congratulations are transferred by the national actor of Russia Sergey Jursky:

- I Want, that all knew - we are amicable with Mishej already more than 30 years. I knew its young bakintsem, I work together with it in Moscow, participating a voice from the author in its temperamental and tireless work on world development in television to the power Formula . Michael Gusman - one of the brightest figures of our international journalism. Happy birthday, druzhishche!