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Glavkomat the Air Forces of the Russian Federation does not know about possible resignation of Zelina

the Main command Military - air forces of Russia the general - colonel Alexander Zelina does not make comments on the message of some mass-media about possible resignation of the commander-in-chief. The day before some mass-media referring to not named sources have informed that the commander-in-chief will leave in the near future the post and will pass to work in structure oboronno - an industrial complex.
Glavkomat the Air Forces does not make comments on these messages as has no the similar data - the official representative of the Air Forces Vladimir Drik has informed on January, 21st. The member of presidium of social council at the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Igor Korotchenko has reminded RIA News that from informal sources it is necessary to concern the information with care as it frequently does not represent the facts or is frank misinformation. At the same time he has noticed that in a new configuration of armed forces objectively on the foreground leave operatively - strategic commands (OSK). Accordingly the role and a place glavkomatov kinds of armed forces decreases. Almost all aircraft, except strategic, will be in submission at commander OSK - mister Korotchenko has told.