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In the USA the first director of the Case of the world

on January, 18th at the age of 95 years has died Sardzhent Shrajver has died, the first director of the American Case of the world and the candidate in vice-presidents of the USA, transfers Reuters.
In the statement extended by his family, it is said that Sardzhent Shrajver has died on Tuesday in hospital in suburb of Washington Maryland. Last years he suffered from Alzheimer`s disease. SHrajver has become history of America as the fighter with poverty, it posesses undertaking of many social programs of times of presidency of Lindona Johnson. during the outstanding career of Shrajver was an idea embodiment about public service - president Barack Obama in the statement has told, having presented condolences to his family.

in 1953 Shrajver has become related with a family Kennedy, having taken as wife the daughter of the diplomat and businessman Joseph Kennedy Junis. In 1960 - m Wisconsin and West Virginia co-ordinated John Kennedy`s election campaign in states, in 1961 - the m has been appointed by the head of the Case of the world. Problems of this federal agency included sending of volunteers into the various countries of the world to co-operate with government agencies, schools, the noncommercial and non-governmental organisations in education spheres, businesses, information technology, agriculture and ecology, and also formation of correct representation about Americans in the world. In 1968 together with Junis Shrajver - Kennedy he has achieved carrying out of the Olympic games for mentally retarded. In 1972 Sardzhent Shrajver participated in presidential election together with the candidate from democrats George Makgovernom. The victory then has got to working president Richard Nixon.