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the Organizer of the auctions the competitive managing director Open Company the Impulse informs on carrying out of the first open auctions in the form of auction on sale of property of the debtor:

Sale of property of the debtor is carried out by following prizes:

the Prize 1; the Unit welding at the price of 8 400 rbl.

the Prize 2 ; Kabeleukladchik LKU - 120 at the price of 17 400 rbl.

the Prize 3 ; Kabeleukladchik LKU - 120 at the price of 20 200 rbl.

the Prize 4 ; the Car assembly on wheels at the price of 25 900 rbl.

the Prize 5 ; the Press industrial at the price of 6 300 rbl.

the Prize 6 ; Telfer T 104/ 2 complete with the crane a beam at the price of 7 900 rbl.

the Prize 7; the Machine tool turning vintorez 162 at the price of 36 400 rbl.

the Prize 8 ; the Machine tool drilling 16 at the price of 15 800 rbl.

the Prize ? 9 ; The machine tool derevoobrabatyvajushchy at the price of 2 500 rbl.

the Prize 10 ; the Geyser at the price of 2 200 rbl.

the Prize 11 ; the Engine 511 - 2047 - 956 (Gas - 53) at the price of 1 900 rbl.

the Prize 12 ; the Computer (the system block and the monitor) at the price of 1 700 rbl.

the Prize 13 ; System block Aero I 3200 at the price of 6 700 rbl.

the Prize 14 ; the Printer Samsung at the price of 300 rbl.

the Prize 15 ; Phone Panasonik at the price of 800 rbl.

the Prize 16 ; the Cart cable HO 0075 at the price of 19 400 rbl.

the Prize 17 ; the Metal hangar at the price of 123 400 rbl.

the Prize 18 ; the Hunting base (lake Kichkibaz) at the price of 202 700 rbl.

the Prize ? 19 Attach ? 1 (suitable building materials) at the price of 143 390 rbl.

the Prize ? 20 ; Attach 2 (suitable building materials) at the price of 38 600 rbl.

For participation in the auctions the applicant makes an application with the appendix: the payment document on deposit entering, for physical persons - notarially certified copies of the passport, the certificate on statement on the tax account, the consent of the spouse, for legal bodies - the original of an extract from EGRJUL not later than 10 days before application, acknowledgement of the right to sign of the person made an application (power of attorney). Acquaintance with structure of property of the debtor, a sale subject to the address: the Chelyabinsk area, Juzhnouralsk, street Uvelsky, 13. Demands acceptance and inclinations is carried out to 24. 02. 2011 to 11. 00 hours, to the address: 454000, Chelyabinsk, street Br. Kashirinyh, 76 - 91, in the working days with 10. 00 to 16. 00, bodies. For inquiries: 8 - 912 - 400 - 500 - 1, on following requisites: r/ sch. 40702810047010000053 in South Ural Open Society branch Chelyabinvestbank INN/ a check point 7424003329/ 742401001, BIK 047502875, barks/ sch. 30101810000000000875. The size of the deposit is established at a rate of 5 % from the initial price of property, a step of auction of 5 % from the initial price of property. The auctions will take place 24. 02. 2011 in 15. 00 hours to the address: 457040, the Chelyabinsk area, Juzhnouralsk, street Uvelsky, 13. The winner of auction the participant who has offered the highest price admits. Auction results are made out by the report. The winner concludes with the seller the contract within 3 days after auction carrying out. Payment is made within 10 days from the date of contract signing.

the contract draught on the deposit

Juzhnouralsk ___ _______________ 2011

the Competitive managing director of Open Company the Impulse Redkin Vyacheslav Viktorovich operating on the basis of the Decision of Arbitration court of the Chelyabinsk area from August, 02nd, 2010 business 76 - 10737/ 2010 - 68 - 5, called further The organizer of the auctions on the one hand, and _________, called further the Applicant on the other hand have concluded the present contract as follows:

1. The applicant brings the deposit in an order specified in the message on sale at the auctions of property of Open Company the Impulse with a view of participation in the auctions on sale of following property: ___________________.

2. The size of the deposit makes 5 % from initial cost of the property specified in item 1 - ____ rbl.

3. In case of a recognition of the auctions not taken place, the deposit comes back within 3 (three) working days from the date of decision-making on the announcement of the auctions not taken place.

4. The deposit comes back within 3 (three) working days, in a case if the Applicant participated in the auctions, but has not won them.

5. The brought deposit does not come back in case the Applicant recognised as the winner of the auctions:

- will evade from signing of the Report on results of the auctions, valid contract, when due hereunder;

- will evade from payment of property sold at the auctions in time, established by the concluded contract of purchase and sale of property.

6. The deposit brought by the Applicant is set off on account of payment of property got at the auctions.

requisites and signatures of the parties.