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The assistant of judge Danilkina has employed lawyers

the Press - the secretary of Hamovnichesky court of Moscow Natalia Vasileva has employed lawyers for representation of its interests. Earlier she has declared that the sentence on business eks - heads of YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky has been written under Moscow City Court instructions.
about it RIA News on February, 16th have informed in inter-regional remedial association Agora which has given to madam Vasilevoj of defenders. A press - the secretary of Hamovnichesky court Natalia Vasileva has declared on February, 14th that a sentence to Michael Khodorkovsky and the former head MFO Menatep to Platon Lebedev which have received for 14 years of imprisonment, has been written by judges of Moscow City Court and it is imposed the chairman of Hamovnichesky court Victor Danilkinu. Mister Danilkin named it slander, and in Moscow City Court have considered Natalia Vasilevoj`s statement as provocation. Natalia Vasileva is in Moscow, it already met our lawyers to whom the problem is assigned to exclude or as much as possible to minimise negative for Vasilevoj of a consequence as there are all bases to assume that the judicial corporation will do the utmost, that its act did not remain without consequences - the chairman of association Pavel Chikov has told to agency. He has not informed details.