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Putin has estimated a videoclip about rest of the Vladivostok customs officers

the Russian prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin has rebuked on February, 16th the head of Federal customs service Andrey Beljaninovu for the scandalous clip which has been removed by the Vladivostok customs officers. The prime minister has suggested to realise workers FTS the talents in recreation centre.
the discipline in some divisions is necessary. It is necessary to lift it a little bit. I like to joke and laugh, but it is necessary to be engaged in creativity in customs Recreation centre - the prime minister at a meeting with mister Beljaninovym has told. The videoclip which has been removed on motives of a clip of the Russian group the Bandit Eros Kolambija Pikcherz has appeared on a popular video hosting, reminds RIA News . That action occurs at the Vladivostok customs, founders of a roller specify right at the beginning by means of a caption, and also having inserted shots from a premise similar to terminals of management. The basic idea of a roller is reduced how employees of customs in the offices and numbers of hotels thanks to service in management have smartly and expensively a good time. Brightly dressed women and men throughout all roller drink champagne and dance. Thus repeatedly in a shot there is a tablet on a door of one of offices with instructions of a surname of its chief which under the scenario is one of heroes of a roller.