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The Russian clubs learn to play transition

Today four leading Russian clubs - Zenith CSKA, the Ruby and Spartak - will lead the first matches play - off Leagues of Europe. In matches 1/ 16 endings with Young Bojz PAOK, Tvente and Basel they will try to confirm the assumption that domestic commands were in time and before transition to system autumn - spring to learn to play well football even in February.
at desire it is possible to find out weight of factors which force to wait for today`s matches with participation of the Russian clubs with some opaskoj.

At Spartaka gone on a visit to to Basel for example, quite obvious personnel problems connected with South Americans. Ibson and Velliton have earned disqualification even in group tournament of League of champions. Ari was traumatised already during training gathering, and Nicolas Pareha has returned with damage from business trip to Argentina national team. And to compensate losses at the expense of new faces precisely does not leave, because the Argentina defender Markos Roho and remained, as a matter of fact, unique loud winter acquisition is red - white, short of, of course, Andrey Tikhonov.

at CSKA which to play Greece with PAOK, too not all is safe in this sense. We will tell, Wagner Lav, Alan Dzagoev, Mark Gonsales and Kejsuke Honda have healed several days ago sores and have started to train in the general group.

a ruby like should frighten Tvente frosty Moscow weather (its match will pass from - for unavailabilities of the Kazan stadium in Luzniki ) . But it is not known, actually it will be heavier to whom to adapt to Russian - 15. Citizens of Kazan after all prepared to eurocup play - off at all on snow, and in warm Spain. Thus about the Ruby it is known that about thirds of its structure is counter-indicative to play an artificial field.

at Zenith obvious troubles it is not observed. But anyway last control match of Petersburgers with Kiev the Dynamo which half they have spent a basis and which has ended with a zero drawn game, has not made especial impression. As, however, did not make also the majority of control matches with CSKA participation, Spartaka and the Ruby .

anyway contenders to Russian teams will Surprise difficultly. They have fulfilled winter transfer campaign easy, a little having freshened structures, but no more that.

meanwhile their some contenders on a joint of January and February looked very not bad. Basel is in the lead in the Swiss championship, and Tvente - together with PSV Eindhoven - in Dutch. And opponents the Ruby from the previous five meetings have won four, and in one the drawn game has been fixed. Young Bojz goes in Switzerland the fourth. However in last two matches it has shown outstanding power in attack, having won with the account 5:1 and 4:2 Bellintsonu and Zurich . PAOK, the third at present the club of the Greek superiority, has a little bit dropped out of this number as in three past rounds has typed only one point. But in these three rounds it also has passed only two balls - 0:0 with Arisom and on 0:1 from a Panatinaikos and Panioniosa . And playing with the closed commands, CSKA often feels some discomfort.

and the main thing - all opponents of clubs from Russia, in which process of transition to system autumn - spring Assuming freshness in February, only starts, now just on the move and spend not control, but official matches. Before in similar situations this argument was represented powerful enough.

nevertheless it to that has not seemed to bookmakers. They are convinced that the record representation of Russia in a spring part of Euro cups after the first stage play - off if will be reduced, is minimum. For example, office William Hill has counted equal chances of contenders of an exit in 1/ 8 endings in one of four pairs - in that where have converged the Ruby and made a noise in the autumn in League of champions Tvente . In the others it is not simple favourites, and favourites too obvious it has made the Russian clubs: a range of quotations on success Zenith CSKA and Spartaka makes from 1,2 to 1,5. Approximately such it also should be without taking into account the seasonal factor : Nevertheless the bases to consider representatives (let even it is far not the worst) Greek, Swiss and Dutch leagues terrible threat for the commands operating with much more solid budgets and having big, including as at taking Cup UEFA CSKA and Zenith experience, no.

And this optimism does not look strange if to present that bookmakers have attentively studied results of the previous draws of continental club tournaments. And so they say that commands from Russia have fine learnt to type the form to the middle of February.

in 2007 to them there was an accident: CSKA and Spartak have synchronously taken off in 1/ 16 cup-finals UEFA, having suffered from Israeli Makkabi and going to a bottom in the championship of Spain a Selta . After that discomfiture, however, results of the first rounds play - off for Russia became magnificent. From six oppositions they have lost one and only: Three years ago French Marseilles has beaten out from Euro cup second for the status Spartak . In other five victory was on the party of Russia. zenith in 2008 has coped with Spanish Viljarrealom in 2009 - m - with German Stuttgart . CSKA in 2009 has passed English Aston the Country house and in 2010 - m - in League of champions Spanish Seville . the Ruby in last season has finished with Israeli Hapoelem .

Indicators of the Russian clubs - the same by the way that will play today, - were in these matches remarkable: seven victories at three nobody`s and two defeats. The list of contenders - much more sonorous, than dropped out it this February.