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Alexey Andreev considers that a fire on Tram, 14 - under a carbon paper a situation with “ the Lame horse “

the Main federal inspector on the Perm edge Alexey Andreev today in a course the press - conferences has commented on a fire in household chemical goods warehouse the last week, carried away lives not less than 16 persons. “ we under a carbon paper have received all same problems which have faced and after “the Lame horse” “ - Alexey Andreev has declared. As he said, last year there were mass checks after happened in club of Perm, 156 persons who have carried away life. G - n Andreys notices that one checks to solve a situation very difficult. It has explained that during infringement checks come to light. However penalties which can show make, for example, 100 thousand rbl. to Businessmen, frequently is more favourable to pay the penalty, rather than to eliminate the revealed infringements for which probably it is necessary to spend 5 million rbl. Alexey Andreev has noticed that introduction of obligatory insurance in business can solve a problem.

we will remind, the fire in household chemical goods warehouse has happened in the morning on January, 10th. As a result of a fire 16 persons were lost at least. Investigatory management of SOU SKR on the Perm edge brings criminal case on ch. 3 items 219 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the Infringement of the fire prevention rules which have entailed death of two and more persons).