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The weapon of mass decomposition

In China operates the system of filtration Great China Firewall blocking access to any information undesirable to the authorities. The foreign searchers, wishing to open the Chinese versions, are obliged to filter search results. In January, 2010 Google from - for the conflict to the authorities of the Peoples Republic of China has refused self-censorship. The company has temporarily closed the Chinese site, but has soon returned to the country on former conditions.

in Iran on the moral and political bases access to millions sites is closed, speed of connection is considerably underestimated. In June, 2009 before presidential election the Iranian authorities have blocked Facebook, used by opposition for propaganda. During disorders in Egypt in 2011 social networks and news sites Yahoo News and Reuters have been blocked.

In July, 2010 in Belarus has been accepted - to pass the presidential decree which has obliged the Internet mass-media the state registration, and citizens - to show passports in the Internet - cafe. In the country the special body on control over a network is created. The closed site of the oppositional newspaper " became the first victim of the decree; the Vitebsk courier .

the democratic states face charges in censorship also. In the beginning of 2010 Google and Yahoo! Have condemned plans Australia to enter the Internet - the filter cutting a pornography, a violence scene and cruelty. In opinion the Internet - the giants, closed area it is too wide . The plan have sent on revision.