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On a fire in a warehouse accusation is brought with Perm

the Consequence has brought accusation in infringement of requirements of fire safety to the general director of the company Kama - the Trade and to its assistant on the case of a fire in a warehouse in Perm on February, 10th in which result eight persons were lost and ten were missing.
the fire in a warehouse has occurred to perfumery and household chemical goods in an industrial zone of Perm. In day of a fire on a scene ten persons two from which have been hospitalised have been found out, at eight physicians verified death. Ten persons, according to the investigation, are considered as missing persons. The next days rescuers during analysis of blockages and search of people have found fragments of bodies of several persons, have been appointed kriminalisticheskie examinations. By their results the exact death toll will be known. Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, on a fire 16 persons were lost, two are registered on missing persons. In a past week-end on a judgement tenants of a premise - the general director of the company " have been arrested; Kama - the Trade and its assistant. Later one more assistant to the head of the organisation, responsible for fire safety of a building has been arrested. investigating bodies... To the general director of Open Company Kama - the Trade 41 - 51 - to summer Alexander Safonovu accusation in the commission of crime, 3 articles 219 of the criminal code of Russian Federation provided by a part (infringement of requirements of fire safety) " on February, 16th is brought to summer Alexey Kildibekovu and its assistant; - the Russian Federation on the Perm edge is told in message SK. Works of rescuers on a scene have been finished on February, 16th. Investigatory actions still proceed. On the eve of the power of region and Perm have informed that relatives of victims and victims will receive on 100 thousand roubles from the regional budget, the city budget will allocate on 50 thousand roubles for each member of the family which have lost the supporter, transfers RIA News .