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Daily theatre

All know that Antonio Marras passionately loves theatre so things from its collection often appear very dramatic, too difficult for an everyday life. Good luck of collection Antonio Marras of the come season consists that, on an iota without having renounced the principles, the designer has created the clothes which each subject perfectly understands on some components and consequently heat of dramatic nature is easily dosed out.

as well as always, the collection has romantic dedication - it is inspired by Jane Kempion`s Bright Star film about John Keats and Fanni Brown`s tragical love. Therefore in a collection there are Victorian prints, both pseudo-east, and flower, and all outer clothing are variations on a theme trencha. All these raincoats, dresses, sundresses, skirts and blouses are easy and gentle, but also are absolutely adapted for usual life. However, and impressions of a theatrical suit of any subject from a collection to achieve very simply. Antonio Marras uses the favourite reception - mnogoslojnost. Multilayered clothes now really one of steady trends. And in this collection Antonio Marras it very easy, looking as one of variations of linen style. On a defile under all dresses were hooked shifonovye wide trousers and very closed, deliberately old-fashioned bodices - bjuste. They are absolutely unessential and are easily replaced with vests, leggings, jeans or simply ignored - all these dresses are good and solo.