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Regulator of insurance pyramids

the Zombie and pyramids — Rosstrahnadzor does not mince words, when describes the players of the insurance market preparing it to leave. And here it is found out that will abolish also this department, its functions transfer to Federal Agency of the financial markets. Thus nobody promises that regulation of the insurance market will improve.

Disappears with money
By the end of the year the insurance market can to lose third of companies. The Federal Agency of insurance supervision (Rosstrahnadzor) predicts in this connection crisis of non-payments. It is time to get used to ominous forecasts already: for last three years almost 250 insurance companies have stopped existence.

now in the register of Rosstrahnadzora - more than 600 companies. But half - nishevye, that is are focused on separate kinds of insurance or service of the concrete companies. Remain 300, and, possibly, every third will disappear, Pavel Samiev, the assistant to the general director of rating agency " considers; Expert RA .

According to the centre of strategic researches of the company Rosgosstrakh the largest Russian insurer, in 2010 the insurance market has lost approximately 2 % in real terms, basically from - for reductions of a corporate segment. But in 2011 - the m is expected growth. That is crisis like would end.

forums on the Internet are very emotional: What to do, washing the insurance it was closed! the greatest activity is shown by automobile owners. Here, for example, somebody writes Bach on Avto@Mail. ru: I have bought the policy of the insurance company Nomad and speak, it is closed. What will be with my insurance? visitors explain that payments on OSAGO after the company will lose the licence, will lay down on the Russian union of autoinsurers (RSA). For kasko and any other kinds of the insurance nobody answers. It is possible to address, of course, to experts in the insurance right - the market of autolawyers now grows by leaps and bounds. But they recognise that at the ruined company it is almost impossible to seize something.

the Zone of the lowered attention
Clarification of the market from the weak or unfair companies (the regulator names their that the zombie financial pyramids) - the phenomenon quite positive if it did not turn around a headache for insurers. Payments are received by those who has had an accident before others. If receipts from below stop or proprietors have considered that they have already enough earned on sale of policies, the bench is closed. And the regulator only also can what to withdraw at the zombie the licence: builders of an insurance pyramid do not bear responsibility any.

how to reveal the zombie before policy purchase? It would seem, all is simple, to study some thematic forums on the Internet about a negative enough. But abuse - and, as a rule, it is quite fair - all insurers without an exception. And to the largest gets most as at them it is simple more clients, and what insurer without a sin. The occasion to reflect, if the shaft of complaints goes on the small company. It is useful to study a site of Rosstrahnadzora, whether stopped a regulator licence action. There are ratings of financial stability. Them make, for example, Expert RA and Agency of insurance news. Communicating with the insurance agent, it is necessary to mean that he will offer the first the policy of the company which to it pays more. And the unfair companies are always more generous with intermediaries, than leaders. Well and the main thing: the policy of the reliable company under no circumstances cannot cost on 30 - 40 % more cheaply srednerynochnyh the prices (them easily to learn, having used pair calculators on sites of the leading companies). Normal discount for the medium-sized ambitious company - no more than 10 - 15 %.

In the Russian insurance there is no mechanism of return of payments or reception of indemnifications by clients of the gone bankrupt insurers. An exception - OSAGO. However RSA on volumes of payments for a long time already has come nearer to leaders of the insurance market, and long so cannot proceed. In the meantime the Ministry of Finance suggests to make a covering of responsibility of owners OSAGO on property maximum. It is offered to increase a limit of payments from 120 thousand to 400 thousand rbl. Clearly that policies (by estimations of insurers, on 50 - 60 %) will rise in price. If tariffs in appropriate way are not increased, it will lead to a collapse of the insurance market which any more does not cope for a long time with unprofitableness OSAGO - George Papaskiri, the director of branch of the company " speaks; Rosgosstrakh in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region.

the Current legislation, besides, does not oblige insurers to open structure of shareholders. even in Top 20 insurers are what proprietors are unknown, - Pavel Samiev explains. - For example, many say about insurance society ZHASO that it a daughter the Russian Railway. But actually nobody knows, who stands up for this company . And it, Samiev, " continues; the decent insurer . And how many the companies hiding proprietors, in a cellar of ratings of reliability?

game rules are offered to be toughened for a long time. To formalize bankruptcy procedure. To force to open the information on actual proprietors. To increase the minimum size of an authorised capital stock. For example, how bankruptcy of insurers will be arranged, head Rosstrahnadzora Alexander Koval told to Money still two years ago, at the height of crisis. Then the corresponding bill has passed the first reading. The document finish till now. with bankruptcies all is very ambiguous. We will look, whether insurers will start to submit claims about a recognition of the insurer the bankrupt in any case of refusal in payment, - Alexey Volodjaev, the head of department anderrajtinga explains the companies MAX. - in this case it will be easier to insurer to pay compensation in any cases (including roguish) that should affect tariffs. The insurance community paid attention of legislators to this problem .

In crisis have not risked to enter bankruptcies. But sooner or later will enter, - Pavel Samiev considers. - Gradually control is improved. For example, insurance supervision has started to react to complaints of clients that was not " earlier;. It is possible to complain both in Rosstrahnadzor, and in RSA. If complaints will collect enough, to the infringer sanctions will follow.

body for the zombie
Perhaps, to the market and truth give the chance to adjust itself independently - by consolidation. Is, of course, and other versions. too long legislators and executive power underestimated the risks connected with non-observance of the rights of consumers, - Dmitry Yanin, the chairman of the board of the International confederation of societies of consumers (KonfOP) reflects. - At Rosstrahnadzora the corporate head. Alexander Kovalja`s all political career as deputy of the State Duma is connected with insurers, he headed the All-Russia union of insurers. There can not be in Russia regulators corporate. In this case them nobody sees and does not hear. Here it is not very clear at all who whom regulates .

Earlier, than bankruptcy procedure, should earn other control measures. The bill which at last will oblige insurers to open structure benefitsiarov has been in the end of the last year prepared, in the same way, as it has been earlier made in bank sphere. Still Rosstrahnadzor suggests to make departmental checks by more frequent (now they are spent once a quarter). New requirements to an authorised capital stock (480 million rbl. should have the resafety companies, 240 million - insurers of life, 120 million - the companies of the general profile) on January, 1st, 2012 will come into force. By the way, according to Rosstrahnadzora, only every third direct insurer corresponds to new requirements to the capital.

all it will occur at other regulator. On February, 15th it became known that the Ministry of Finance at last has brought in the government the project of the decree of the president about creation of a financial megaregulator. The document assumes joining of Rosstrahnadzora to Federal Agency of the financial markets (FSFR). The megaregulator directly will be subordinated to the government. After discussion the government should transfer the decree project in Presidential Administration.

plans of a megaregulator of Rosstrahnadzor and FSFR yet do not make comments. Who will head the organisation, too while it is not known. Anyway, the expert assumes, the megaregulator not begins to regulate the insurance market on - new. a question not that the government had claims to work of Rosstrahnadzora or FSFR, there was simply an idea that at us the market has essentially changed, there were so difficult financial groups, it became impossible what to trace management of risks efforts of separate regulators - Pavel Samiev speaks.

While the market is cleared - independently or thanks to efforts of the state, - clients of insurers can advise only one, the president of insurance broker Fin Assist Alina Gonikman considers: to choose between policies 10 - 15 largest insurers. Anyway in a year the regulator already new, declares: Again crisis of non-payments is expected, in all are guilty the zombie .