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To the president presented the pilot project the Electronic textbook

the Pilot project on use in school education of electronic textbooks presented today to the President of Tatarstan Rustamu Minnikhanov within the limits of exit session of the government of Tatarstan which passes in Nurlatsky municipal area.

the project is realised on the basis of the Kazan lycee of a name of Lobachevsky at KGU in 10 - m a class with support of one of manufacturers of electronic textbooks. It is the unique project in territory of Russia and the CIS countries. Each electronic textbook is powerful 530 gramme contains to 10 thousand books. To charge the device it is necessary once a month. For comparison - the school portfolio weighs on the average 8 kg.

as have told to President RT, 30 pupils 10 - go a class of lycee and all teachers working with pupils of a class, have free of charge received electronic textbooks. Textbook cost makes from 3 to 6 thousand rbl. Besides, the new gadget is absolutely safe for sight. The screen of the electronic book is not shone, does not flicker and is perceived by sight as the usual printing text. Thanks to a sound synthesizer, the book also can to speak in several languages - English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. In the nearest plans - to translate the book on the Tatar language. By means of the electronic textbook schoolboys also can leave in the Internet.

as Andrey Pominov has informed the deputy minister of science and education RT, is planned that since September, 1st, 2011 the project the Electronic textbook it will be realised at 53 schools - one school in each municipal union will be captured. The pilot project while will mention only pupils 7 - 11 classes.