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Without support, honour and advantage

In Moscow yesterday has passed a press - conference 17 - go under the account of theatrical festival the Gold mask where have traditionally told about features of the program and changes in comparison with last year, and also declared several out-of-competition winners. Ceremony of delivery of awards the Gold mask in the basic nominations will take place on April, 15th in the Moscow Gostini dvor.
cancellation this year nominations " became the main news; For theatrical art support . The decision not to award this award, according to jury, is caused by that it there is simply nobody to give. It, however, does not mean that a nomination at all will cancel, probably, next year the award again will hand over, but for a season 2009 - 2010 any government official and any organisation have not caused a stir, according to jury, merits in the field of theatre support.

one more news - nomination renaming For honour and advantage in a nomination For the outstanding contribution to theatrical art development . According to jury, in the fresh wording criteria of a choice of winners - not for personal qualities, and for public work are is better reflected. This year For the outstanding contribution to theatrical art development have posthumously awarded the actress of theatre the Moscow operetta Tatyana Shmygu who has died on February, 3rd. Also in this nomination of jury the Gold mask has awarded the national actress of Russia Galina Umpelevu, the oldest actress of the Ekaterinburg drama theatre where it has worked 40 years.

on a press - conferences declared the best foreign performance of the last year - statement " became them; Hour when we knew nothing about each other the Hungarian director Victor Bodo, shown in Moscow in November, 2010 within the limits of festival NET. The performance put at drama theatre of Graz, distinguishes an unusual genre in which graphic receptions of theatre and a cinema have incorporated, forming intellectual show - both visually fascinating, and internally substantial.

this year among foreign projects on to the Gold mask the program of the Polish theatre will prevail. Besides the Polish performances in Moscow it will be possible to see an exhibition of the Polish theatrical poster, to visit readings of modern Polish plays and some round tables. One of the meetings, devoted to modern Polish theatre science, will pass HOSTS (GITIS) in the Russian academy of theatrical art. The professor of the HOST Alexey Bartoshevich has acted on a press - conferences the Gold mask with the criticism of reform of higher education providing joining to bolonskomu to process. According to Alexey Bartoshevicha, such succession of events will lead to disorder of Russian school of theatre science. Let`s remind, on new system financing of educational institutions will depend directly on their name - and academies, including HOSTS (GITIS), can be deprived possibility to have a magistracy and an academic council (see from January, 24th).