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Result not behind goals

Football clubs of the North Caucasus have added to the arsenal show laws - business: if you do not know how to draw attention, priglasi a foreign star with a loud name. Does not suffice on the modern? It doesn`t matter: in the world always there will be a jobless hero from 80 - h or 90 - h years. The main thing — that the name sounded

the Champion of Europe - 88 Dutch Ruud Gullit hardly will remember, where and when its last time so accepted. The personal plane, crowds of fans, national dancings and the roads stuck with posters Ruud, welcome to Grozny . Grandiose ceremony hardly was have not saddened severe everyday life: on the eve of presentation of the Dutch in Grozny two explosions have thundered. To cancel a trip of Gullita not steels, but the visit schedule have corrected: in the planned excursion on a city besides football academy and new stadium there was one more point. Ruud Gullit together with Ramzanom Ahmatovichem have gone to the place of one of explosions, - tells to the Spark the minister of sports of the Chechen Republic Hajdar Alhanov. - So there and not act of terrorism at all was! So, in one boutique ballonchik with gas has blown up, and all. Even glasses have not taken off .

the Strong course
In the Russian football exists enough - taki rigid gradation. There are big Moscow clubs, Petersburg Zenith and adjoined them recently Kazan the Ruby - they struggle for Euro cups, medals, points, strong players and other attributes corresponding to their greatness. There are the provincial commands which budgets are imposed which - as well as whose future is foggy: the governor will want or the prime minister - the minister will help - there will be a command. Will turn away all - means, it is not fated. Also is in the prime minister - league absolutely separate caste which exists under own laws. In it the Caucasian clubs which through football show to the country consist that in region all is quiet, even it is possible to play. And in it their main, wandering from a season during a season mission.

large clubs have forgotten for a long time already that such mullions-strong purchase of football pensioners it is expensive and unfashionable. Small clubs on it simply do not have money. And the Caucasian commands this year, probably, has broken through: at once two clubs, Terek and Anzhi having armed with new sponsors, have decided to remember got lost where - that on a boundary of centuries the Russian habit to invite status, but stars which have already won back. In a week after groznensky Terek has presented to public of new head coach Ruuda Gullita, Makhachkala Anzhi has signed the contract with the world champion - 2002 Brazilian defender Roberto Carlos.

in purely sports plan both projects look the uttermost utopia. Star player Ruud Gullit in the past, hammered into the memorable ending - 88 Rinatu Dasaevu, has appeared the useless trainer. And 37 - summer Roberto Carlos gathered was to finish the football century in native Brazil when has suddenly received surprisingly favourable offer from Russia. But even if suddenly at them it will not turn out in the field, the blank will be with interest compensated public relations - effect. Right after signings of beginners to the Chechen Republic and Dagestan have rushed foreign journalists.

opening of a chain of children`s football schools in territory of Dagestan and the Chechen Republic would become the best public relations - a course: then there would be a real advantage. And it is simple so on equal a place to invite stars from the past is, excuse, ponty. And a shot in general in anywhere - speaks to the Spark the secretary general of Trade union of football players and trainers of Russia Nikolay Grammatikov.

Brazilian national team and the colour TV
In some days after the Russian demand has won the right to accept the World championship - 2018, Ramzan Kadyrov has publicly asked to assign to steam of matches to the Caucasian region in whole and the Chechen Republic in particular. But the idea was rejected by the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus Alexander Hloponin: as he said, at a choice of cities defining value has a safety issue, and at present this theme in region is not closed . The image Russia Also will not risk.

in the message of Hloponina southern regions have seen a ray of hope: let at present the theme also is not closed, but till 2018 still it is so much time, it is possible what to close any question. The invitation of star football players of the past became a key to the decision of this problem. if to us Gullit comes, means, at us is normal, stable, - explains Hajdar Alhanov a choice in favour of the Dutch trainer. - Why we should hesitate or not want to invite eminent people? In the house everyone would like to see dear visitor, it is prestigious both for us, and for Russia .

Alhanov tells to the Spark that the decision on Gullitu was accepted personally by Ramzan Kadyrov: the head of the Chechen Republic watched Gullitom - the football player and knew that the Dutch worked in serious clubs of Europe and America. It is not clear only, whether it was known in the Chechen Republic, than these trainer`s undertakings came to an end. In Britain, for example, consider that the Dutch has disorganised talented Newcastle and the American football players Los - Andzheles Geleksi till now tell about haughty trainer Gullit was what. The reputation of the person with difficult character has played with the Dutch a malicious joke: after in 2008 it have asked from a post of the trainer Los - Andzheles Geleksi to invite him to itself anybody did not dare. Last two years Gullit travelled about as the person of the demand of Belgium and the Netherlands on carrying out CHM - 2018 on the different countries and once a year called in to Moscow on the Cup of legends - two-day commercial football tournament for those who has finished with the big football, but till now in it does not trust. In the end of the last year the project with the World championship has safely failed, and Gullit remained in general without a permanent job.

in Terek of Gullite at first too especially did not think. In the end of the last year the contract with club was signed by Spaniard Victor Munos, but after the first days of gathering has left in refusal: has referred that not at once has understood a contract essence that is why to work more to the Chechen Republic it do not agree. But Gullit has been opened for offers. According to Alhanova, from the moment of the first call to the Dutch and to the final decision under the contract has passed less than days - result, worthy inclusions in any book of records.

the Dutch has understood Game rules quickly. During recent visit to Grozny it with pleasure clapped in a rhythm lezginke, promised to learn elements of this dance (its predecessor Vyacheslav Groznyj and at all danced lezginku before tribunes after a successful match) and admired the city built up after war. Alhanov tells that to the Dutch have shown photos of bombardment of times of the second Chechen campaign, and have then taken on the central streets. it has been simply shocked, - with pleasure the Chechen minister remembers. - all told: I represent, as it was heavy to you to restore all it. And as such young man (Ramzan Kadyrov. - about ) with all has consulted? but Gullita have all the same asked, whether he is afraid to work in the Chechen Republic. The Dutch has firmly answered that supposedly it tempered and worked in much more dangerous places. As an example it has resulted Sudanese region Darfur, where people live on dustbins . And Ramzan Kadyrov in general was surprised, how it is possible to ask to the man a question with the similar formulation. it touches the man - the head of the Chechen Republic has explained.

to show that the calmness of region is not simply beautiful words, in the Chechen Republic have thought over a number of courses. So, Terek which trained in the next Kislovodsk earlier, and to Grozny came only on matches, now will move to the Chechen capital on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE. And in the beginning of March in Grozny will pass a companionable match between Ramzana Kadyrov`s national team and Brazilian national team of the sample of 2002. To fans have promised that besides Roberto Carlos who has lodged in the neighbourhood on football korporativ will glance both Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho, and even, possibly, Kaka. In how many it will manage to club, nobody speaks. But some years ago about such match - only against stars Barcelonas - was going to spend Uzbek Bunedkor And in the Spanish press wrote that this pleasure costs about 5 million euro. However, financial problems in club have come earlier, than a long-awaited match, and game has not taken place.

unlike Bunedkora in groznenskom Terek problems with financing should not to arise. Not only that football is Ramzana Kadyrov`s favourite passion so also in this inter-season period in club there was a new mighty sponsor - businessman Bulat Chagaev, the son-in-law of last leader of the Soviet Chechen Republic to Dock Zavgaeva. To fans Terek it is known not by hearsay: to help club Chagaev became in the beginning 90 - h and in the first year of cooperation has arranged promotion action - gave the colour TV to the best football player of each of commands. In Grozny such history goes: one of football players the Falcon become by the best after the next game, long could not understand that from it want, and has been assured that ask to transfer a box simply. When has learnt that it is the TV in a gift very much was delighted.

Makhachkala is there where Carlos
plays Arguing on football development on caucasus, Alexander Hloponin has declared that in the near future all strongest Caucasian clubs will be played by the prime minister - league. According to the interlocutor the Spark wished to remain the unknown person, Hloponin as the system person right after appointments has understood that football - almost a unique thing, thanks to which Severo - the Caucasian region can quickly earn positive reputation. Besides if to find correct sponsors it will be possible to facilitate essentially the regional budget - charges of professional commands in the same Makhachkala or Nalchik make approximately on 20 million dollars a year. For correct sponsors began to search among representatives of large business, natives from caucasus. Purchase " became the main event of inter-season period; Anzhi Billionaire Sulejmanom Kerimovym who has born in Derbent which have occupied, according to the recent report of magazine finans the seventh place in the list of the richest people of Russia.

Sulejman Kerimov sponsoring Russian national team on free-style wrestling, was going to bail for a long time already Anzhi . The transaction could take place in 2009 but then Kerimova had disagreements with a republic management in which head then there was the Fly Aliev. On one of versions, in Dagestan were afraid of political strengthening of Kerimova. Under other version, the parties simply have not converged on money: free of charge to give Anzhi let at club also were long, in republic did not want. The interlocutor the Spark close to Sulejmanu Kerimovu, it is assured: present change of relations directly is connected with changes in a management of Dagestan - in February 2010 - go in republic presidential election on which Magomedsalam Magomedov has won have taken place. Besides, for Sulejmana Kerimova in the project Anzhi the underlying reason is important serious imidzhevaja. considering the Caucasian mentality, it is possible to tell safely that the one who will give to caucasus a show, the same football, will win its heart - the interlocutor " explains; the Spark .

As well as Ramzan Kadyrov, Sulejman Kerimov too has decided to count on a star with a loud name: last week Anzhi officially declared signing of the contract with eks - the football player Madrid Real the Brazilian defender Roberto Carlos. According to the Brazilian press, the contract sum can make 4 - 5 million euro a year - such money even in Europe receives the few. In any way differently to entice Carlos into Russia it would not turn out, Nikolay Grammatikov speaks: even the Russian players reluctantly pass in the Caucasian clubs, demanding increase in the contract at 30 percent from - for features of region. And now Roberto Carlos`s presence in a command will be serious stimulus for football players, speak to the Spark representatives the Internet - a portal the Caucasian knot : if earlier foreigners about this region and slyhom did not hear, now all know - Makhachkala it there where Roberto Carlos plays.

of the club are assured that have arrived correctly. we, at last, will stop to put a survival problem in the prime minister - league: Kerimov not that person to think of a survival, - tells to the Spark the vice-president Anzhi Budun Budunov. - Prihod Roberto Carlos will help us and with the social plan. We need to take away children from street, to disaccustom them to drugs, and to make it it is possible only by means of sports .

Budunov hopes that by means of Kerimova and Carlos in republic it will be possible to recreate that atmosphere bolenija which was in Dagestan earlier. In 1999 while we struggled for an exit in the higher league, at our place there was a war. Then people from entrenchments wrote support letters to us and asked that supposedly and as. Here then we felt that we play for the people - the vice-president " speaks; Anzhi . Now all differently: the stadium seldom happens is full, and fans prove not from the best party is more often. With arrival of Kerimova all should change. Under preliminary forecasts, it will construct new stadium on 42 thousand persons and will open a network of children`s schools across all Dagestan.

as to two other Caucasian commands - Spartaka from Nalchik and Vladikavkaz Alanii - that they yet do not give in to general euphoria. at them simply such ambitions are not present - interlocutors " speak; the Spark . The Same Nalchik has literally gained all best results: trainer Yury Krasnozhan collected little-known football players and moulded from them a command. Nalchik, of course, also could not dream of Euro cups, but thus, possessing the most modest budget in league, every time managed in it to remain.

Vladikavkaz Alanija too has meaningly chosen for itself a way different from Terek and Anzhi Nikolay Grammatikov underlines. Valery Gazzayev who has resulted " has returned To Vladikavkaz; Alaniju to a unique Russian champion`s title, and now is going to grow up there young football players. Last year Alanija has taken off for the first battalion, but a returning question in elite - a maximum for a year - two.

Gazzayev has chosen correct strategy. At us a catastrophic situation with young players, and he understands that thus kills two hares: in - the first, in 2018 its pupils can get on the World championship, in - the second, they can be sold favourably - the Russian football players now worth its weight in gold. It to you of not extinct stars to invite - Grammatikov marks.