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“ SDS - Coal “ has extracted a new active

In structure “ SDS - Coal “ one more coal-mining active - the Novokuznetsk company " has entered; Sibenergougol “ which market cost of analytics estimate in $150 - 170 million Branch division of Kemerovo Joint-Stock Company “ the Siberian business union “ recently intensively buys up the coal enterprises. Thanks to it and other acquisitions, and also the general growth of the manufacture “ SDS - Coal “ can become the third company in region with volume of extraction more than 20 million t coal in a year.
Novokuznetsk “ Sibenergougol “ was a part of the holding company of Open Society “ SDS - Coal “. As informed yesterday „“, the press is told about it - release " in extended on Tuesday; SDS - Coal “.

“ Sibenergougol “ has created and until recently businessman Alexander Govor - the former technical director of Open Society " supervised; JUzhkuzbassugol “. The company includes Open Company “ the Trading house “Sibenergougol“ “ which operates the extracting enterprise of Open Company “ Sibenergougol “ Open Company “ pogruzochno - transport agency “Ρθαύνεπγξσγξλό“ “ Open Company “ Motor transportation enterprise “Ρθαύνεπγξσγξλό“ “ and also the agricultural enterprise of Open Company “ Dimitrovsky “.

In “ SDS - Coal “ yesterday have refused detailed comments concerning new acquisition. The former general director TD “ Sibenergougol “ the Novel the Dialect has confirmed the transaction fact. “ have sold business. I consider, have sold on peak “ - he has told „“, without having specified active cost. In coal branch of Kuzbas and in business - circles of Novokuznetsk earlier spoke about intention of the proprietor “ Sibenergouglja “ to sell the company and completely to be switched to development of oil business. Alexander Govor is one of owners of Joint-Stock Company “ neftehimservis “ which builds near Anzhero - Sudzhenska Jajsky oil refining factory capacity of 3 million t in a year (input of the first stage of this enterprise is planned for second half of 2011). In the end of the last year an analyst “ Uralsib Kepital “ Nikolay Sosnovsky, proceeding from stocks and cash extraction, estimated “ Sibenergougol “ in $150 - 170 million

At a new active “ SDS - Coal “ there are development prospects. In August, 2007 “ Sibenergougol “ has got licences for working out of several coal sites in Novokuznetsk area: Ananinsky East, Ananinsky Western and Bungursky Southern. Their total stocks make about 52 million t. While extraction goes on Bungursky Southern.

in March, 2010 the Novel the Dialect declared that in plans “ Sibenergouglja “ To increase coal mining by 30 % in comparison with 2009, to 1 million t (this plan has been executed), in 2011 - to 1,2 million t and in three years - to 2,5 million t. However, for such increase in extraction, according to the Dialect Novel, it is required nearby 1,8 mlrd rbl. while investments of 2010 have been planned at a rate of all 61,5 million rbl. last year of raw materials of 75 % extracted by the company went for export - to Slovakia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, China.

while in plans of the new proprietor “ Sibenergouglja “ to keep extraction at level of last year, but if one more site of bowels is involved in working out, extraction can grow to 1,5 million t. As a whole, as it has been declared on Tuesday, the company “ SDS - Coal “ intend to expand extraction this year on 27 %, to more than 20 million t (result of 2010 taking into account indicators UK “ prokopevskugol “ which copes “ SDS - Coal “ - 15,7 million. As informed „“ on December, 23rd, 2010, earlier “ SDS - Coal “ has got at “ Belona “ mine “ Listvjazhnaja “ and the concentrating factory with the same name. Then the sum of transaction has made $300 million Thus a press - the holding service has informed that the increase is planned “ at the expense of labour productivity growth at the operating enterprises and at the expense of new actives “. In case of performance of these plans “ SDS - Coal “ becomes the third company in region with volume of extraction more than 20 million t in a year. In 2010 “ Kuzbassrazrezugol “ has extracted 49,7 million t coal, “ SUEK - Kuzbas “ - 27,2 million t.