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The consequence comes in the land

the Consequence was defined with the basic version of wreck of An - 24 near Igarka (Krasnoyarsk region) in August has passed year in which result 12 persons were lost. According to conclusions of Interstate aviation committee (POPPY), an air crash became result of an error of the pilots, decided to put the plane in bad meteoconditions. Inspectors with it agree and now define degree of possible fault of each of crewmen.
air crash investigation near Igarka approaches to the ending, the assistant to the West Siberian transport public prosecutor Michael Askerov has informed. As he said, last week the consequence has received materials the POPPY about causes of accident. Basic of them, is underlined in materials, the error of piloting admitted by crew at landing approach, and also refusal of pilots to carry out the instruction of the dispatcher. This version, according to Michael Askerova, is considered as the basic and a consequence to which should define possible guilt of each of crewmen.

as wrote , the air crash has occurred at night on August, 3rd, 2010. Plane An - 24 companies Katekavia carrying out flight KJU - 9357 of Krasnoyarsk airport Cheremshanka to Igarka, in 700 m from take-off - a landing strip of northern city was hooked for trees, has fallen and has lighted up. 12 persons as a result were lost: 11 passengers and the stewardess. Pilots Nikolay Kozlovu and Igor Kabanovu, and also flight engineer Evgenie Petruninu managed to escape. Right after air crashes Western - the Siberian investigatory management on transport of investigatory committee of the Russian Federation has filed criminal charges on ch. 3 items 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Infringement of safety rules of movement and operation of the air transport, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons ) .

it was originally considered four versions of an event: a piloting error, technical malfunction, weather conditions and infringements of regulations of work of land services. Participants of investigation have rejected eventually three last versions. plane An cause of accident - 24, carrying out landing approach in conditions is worse than meteorological minima of airdrome, was nonacceptance by crew of the timely decision on leaving on the second circle and decrease in the plane below the established is minimum safe height (100) in the absence of reliable visual contact to fires of approach and fires take-off - a landing strip that has led to collision of the plane with trees and the earth in operated flight - the POPPY is told in the conclusion.

meanwhile during check Katekavia in November of last year Western - the Siberian transport Office of Public Prosecutor has revealed a number of infringements. In particular, it has been established that dates of issue of five units of the broken plane, specified in duplicates of their passports, do not correspond to rules of formation of numbers of products at manufacturer. Thus the airline, according to public prosecutors, has not understood the reasons of discrepancy and has not notified the authorised body about a condition of aviation technics . However, in Katekavia the fault deny, specifying that found out nestykovki have arisen after repair carrying out at official manufacturer.

to Contact pilots of broken An - 24 yesterday it was not possible. Now they are under a subscription about nevyezde. As have informed in Western - the Siberian transport Office of Public Prosecutor while charges by it were not shown.