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Their fad

In Samara inflames the next scandal, cā’ēąķķūé with law enforcement bodies. Today FROM Industrial region SKP of Samara should qualify actions of employees of horse battalion PPS, after a meeting with which townsman George Kutuzov has appeared in hospital with the broken skull. According to mister Kutuzov, traumas to it were put by a horse to whom its handcuffs militiamen have chained. In the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs all charges deny and assert that he has fallen under hoofs of a horse. According to lawyers, charge in a negligence and excess of powers of office can threaten police officers.

as it became known „“, today the Investigatory department of Industrial region of Samara of regional SOU SKP the Russian Federation can already make the decision, raise or not criminal case upon drawing of physical injuries eks - to the deputy of the Samara City Council George Kutuzov. As informed yesterday „“ on March, 11th nearby 16. 00 inhabitant of Samara George Kutuzov came back from work and near the house has been stopped by two employees PPS of a horse battalion who have suggested it to proceed in branch. Militiamen have considered that mister Kutuzov is drunk.

under George Kutuzov`s version (in 90 - h years held a post of the deputy of the Samara City Council, and nowadays works as the programmer), he has agreed to pass in a site then one of employees of militia without explanations has chained its handcuffs to a stirrup of a horse, and in its such position have moved in branch.

according to mother of victim Poliny Kutuzovoj, in the street Dimitrova the steam of cars has frightened a horse, and it, having escaped, has incurred. George Kutuzov has been actually trampled by an animal. “ I have been chained by the right hand. The trace already heals, but on a photo all zadokumentirovano, - the victim tells. - from the first blow I have fainted and have regained consciousness only next day “. eks - the deputy has been taken to hospital by it Semashko with prolomannym a skull and has been operated in nejrohirurgicheskom branch. The numerous witnesses observing of incident, confirm this version. “ I saw, how it conducted the adhered. It was literally in four metres from me, - tells one of them Alexander Ivolgin. - Was it seems that it has slipped, when to it have tried to help to rise, the horse has incurred and has dragged its metres 30 “.

Meanwhile in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Samara region all responsibility for the happened have assigned to mister Kutuzov. In a press - to department service have explained that check which have spent upon incident, has shown that: “ George Kuznetsov was strongly drunk, and employees PPS have asked it to proceed in branch. However Kutuzov has tried to disappear. To detain him the passing by employee of traffic police has helped (names of law enforcement officers do not reveal, all of them continue to carry out the official duties) “. “ Its handcuffs anywhere did not arrest. But it sufficed for the form of militiamen, offended them. During detention it has touched a stirrup of one of horses, has frightened it, the animal has fallen to it and one of employees “ - has told and. An island of the head a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Samara region Igor Jusupov. In investigatory department of Industrial region of Samara comments refuse. It is known that witnesses on this business there have caused only yesterday.

According to Poliny Kutuzovoj, her son is already discharged from hospital, to it recently have removed seams, but he constantly complains of headaches, “ and on high temples at it traces from hoofs “. Mister Kutuzov says that did not render resistance and did not offend employees PPS. “ I recognise that was in a state of intoxication. But I not the first time communicate with militia and I know, than resistance can end. Now the thorax and a nape is ill me, it is difficult to me to lift hands “.

According to the lawyer of inter-regional remedial association “ Agora “ Ramilja Ahmetgalieva, it is possible to qualify actions of employees PPS of a horse battalion under 286 article UK (“ Excess of powers of office “), the maximum punishment on which till ten years of imprisonment, and under 293 article (“ the Negligence “), imprisonment for the term up to five years. However, according to mister Ahmetgalieva, courts estimate actions of militiamen on " is much more often; to the general articles “ for example, under 118 article (“ Causing of heavy harm to health on imprudence “) The maximum punishment on which - imprisonment for the term up to one year.

we will notice that it not the first loud incident from the beginning of the year employees of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Samara region became which figurants. So, for example, three months criminal case on ch is investigated. 3 items 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Excess of powers of office “) Raised against “ unstated persons “ after the incident which has occurred in the night from 16 for January, 17th of this year. Then after detention by employees of traffic police of the motor vehicle which have not stopped under their requirement, two inhabitants of Samara have appeared in hospital with serious traumas, and one of them - 24 - summer Vladimir Harchev - has died. Witnesses assert that both young men have been beaten by employees GIBBD. In militia insist that victims have received serious traumas as a result of fight in a disco from which those came back. Now all militiamen, appearing this business, continue to fulfil the duties.

in March of this year of SOU SKP of the Kirov area has not found crime structure in actions of operative employees of 11 police stations of the same area of Samara. Them demanded to institute criminal proceedings 50 - the summer inhabitant of the regional centre Tatyana Anisimov. On February, 19th from this police station it has been delivered in city hospital of Semashko with crisis of a neck of a hip. Suffered has declared that has been beaten by militiamen who have subpoenaed it in a site as a witness on the case of theft of a mobile phone and, as she said, have tried “ to hang up “ theft on it. In Kirovsk RUVD have put forward other version: the woman has fallen itself while waited for a call in an office of the inspector. Now this business is returned on supplementary examination.