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Arbitration court of Moscow Region president Dmitry Medvedev has received the young chairman

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Yesterday has appointed the chairman of Arbitration court of Moscow Region 27 - summer Dmitry Pleshkova. Before this appointment mister Pleshkov, the graduate of faculty of law Sankt - the Petersburg state university, headed secretary of the chairman of the Supreme Arbitration Court (YOU) Anton Ivanov. The post of the chairman of Arbitration court of Moscow Region became vacant on November, 18th, 2009 when in resignation the head of court Evgenie Ilyin has voluntary left. Dmitry Pleshkov became the unique candidate participating in competition on this post. On February, 11th it has received the recommendation of the Higher qualifying board of judges (VKKS). Change of a management of arbitration courts in the Moscow district has begun with resignation of the chairman of a court of review of Lyudmila Majkovoj: On February, 19th, 2009 VKKS has ahead of schedule deprived of its powers in connection with infringement of judicial ethics (Maykov`s madam has received apartments by means of the government of Moscow). The president has appointed To the released post of the head of Federal arbitration court of the Moscow district on April, 29th, 2009 to Valery Adamovu, working before the first deputy of the chairman of arbitration court of Moscow. And on December, 24th, 2009 the chairman of appeal court situated near Moscow had been appointed Inna Vorobeva. Both of them have ended faculty of law of the Leningrad state university in 1987 - simultaneously with Dmitry Medvedev and Anton Ivanov (see from February, 12th).

Olga Pleshanova