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For two-year Very Pechenkinoj rescue there are no 1 145 275 roubles

doctor Stanislav Ovrutsky from Berlin kardiotsentra (Germany) Tells: At Belief a difficult congenital heart disease: gipoplazija right zheludochka, the combined stenosis of a pulmonary artery, the general auricle and insufficiency of the general antrioventrikuljarnogo the valve. In Russia for simplification of a condition to it two have been imposed anastomoza. But it has not solved a problem. At the babe a strong short wind, dark blue lips and fingers on hands and feet. It badly grows and types weight. All these problems need to be solved already now, while Belief small . German doctors plan surgical treatment in two stages. At first Belief Glenn`s operation waits: on a pulmonary artery will impose two-forked kavo - pulmonalnyj anastomoz. it will allow to unload heart and to sate blood with oxygen. And in a year - two operation of Fontena will take place: division of circles of blood circulation. Then Belief life considerably will improve, it will normally grow and develop - the doctor Ovrutsky has declared.

Berlin kardiotsentr has exposed Pechenkinym of an abacus on 39 480. They not in a condition to pay treatment - from - beyond Verinoj illnesses in a family the father, it the worker on building works only. As always our constant partner the company Ingosstrah will bring 417 thousand rbl. (a detail on a site www. rusfond. ru ). Thus, there are no 1 145 275 rbl. more

Dear friends! If you decide to rescue Veru Pechenkinu let you are not pushed away by the sizes of the price of rescue. Any your donation with gratitude will be accepted. It is possible to list money in welfare fund the Help (founders the Publishing house and the Lion of Ambinder) and on the bank account Verinoj of mum Elena Antonovny Pechenkinoj. All necessary requisites are in the Russian fund of the help. It is possible to use also our system of electronic payments, having made a donation from a credit card or an electronic cash, including from - for a boundary (a detail on a site www. rusfond. ru ).