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Ben Goldvasser: not any music becomes to get to charts

Participant MGMT has answered BORIS`S BARABANOVA questions.
- It is considered to be that the contract about the big record - the company means rigid dictatorship of managers. And you afford not planned steps, for example, have laid out an album in a network long before release...

- People with Columbia Records have signed with us the contract, without having accurate representation about that, how to advance our music. They knew that anyhow the album will be it is merged in a network to release, - its copies were too at many people. They and thought how to intercept the initiative and to place an album for listening before it will be made by pirates. But to lay out an album for free downloading, and not just listenings would be already too radical infringement of rules of this market. At us with Columbia Records strange at present relations. We, probably, last group from which Columbia has signed the contract, without applying for profits on concerts and on trade in souvenir production. I perfectly know a situation: now actors do not trust in labels and in possibility to receive a royalty from sales of albums, and labels do not trust in new actors, preferring to work with bek - the catalogue. Probably, ours romantic a situation - an exception to the rules. I think, people nevertheless in a condition to understand that, buying disks, they directly help the favourite musicians.

- you now in the middle of tour in support of a new album which many had time to christen already less hit than previous. On reaction of audience you feel that feed you nevertheless such songs, as Kids Time To Pretend and Electric Feel ?

- Working over Congratulations we did not want to do accessible songs - a something ephemeral. Very much it would not be desirable to associate only with ours a hit - singles. Not any music becomes to get to charts. With each new concert of tour we see, how quantity of the people who have already got acquainted with new songs, grows. Yesterday in Bruxelles already perfectly it was visible that the new material can dement in the same way public, as Kids and Time To Pretend . And still we want to think about Congratulations as about the priest - an album. The word of honour, at us was not desires to obscure more, especially - to lose our admirers. To simply us it is close in certain frameworks.

- one of your new songs is called Siberian Breaks but about Siberia from it, to tell the truth, hardly something can be learnt.

- the Word breaks in this song concerns surfing. And all song - it about many things, but the central image - surfing behind polar circle. We wrote this song in Malibu, the winter has stood out very cold, and we have connected two themes - surfing and a cold. Here you from Russia, maybe, you will prompt to me, behind polar circle someone in general goes for a drive on a board?