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OKR the commission on perfection


the Olympic committee of Russia (OKR) will help has confirmed structure of the commission on perfection of activity OKR and preparation for the Olympic meeting which will take place on May, 20th. On it new president OKR will be selected. The commission structure included, in particular, the president of Federation of tennis of Russia Shamil Tarpischev fulfilling duties of president OKR Igor Kazikov, the president of Federation of hockey of Russia Vladislav Tretjak, the president of the All-Russia federation of track and field athletics Valentine Balahnichev, the vice-president of the State Duma of federal meeting of the Russian Federation Svetlana Zhurova. The first deputy of the chairman of the council of assistance OKR Ahmed Bilalov has headed the commission.

the former director of the International Olympic committee (IOC) on marketing Michael Pejn who is considered the best in the world the expert in sports marketing becomes the Adviser of the created commission as the adviser of the president of OKR Rostislav Murzagulov has told. He/she is the legendary person in a sporting world, - mister Murzagulov has underlined. - It has come to the IOC in 1984 and, according to many authoritative experts, has made the IOC successful in every respect the organisation .

the Commission has already started together with the leading international sports consulting companies project realisation Achievement of sports results: an estimation of the Russian Olympic program of winter sports; development of the successful program of preparation for the Olympic games of 2014 . So, it is concluded and the contract from one of the most authoritative in a sporting world of companies TSE Consulting, among which clients - the International federation of football (FIFA) and the Union of the European football associations (UEFA) has started to be carried out. The report which urged to give the information, explanations and recommendations for the purpose of improvement of the Russian Olympic program of preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi of 2014 becomes result of the project. Into the report, in particular, will enter the detailed description of the best international Olympic models (the USA, Canada, Germany, South Korea and others); the comparative analysis of these models and operating Russian Olympic system; the analysis of programs of preparation for Games in Sochi each of federations on winter sports separately.

RIA Novosti news agency ; Interfax