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As judged for disorders in Kondopoga

the Historical background

For participation in disorders in Kondopoga 1 - on September, 2nd, 2006 have been detained more than 220 persons: 199 are involved in administrative responsibility (including 47 are arrested for 15 days), 12 active participants of pogroms have received in 2007 for three years of imprisonment conditionally.

on September, 2nd and on November, 2nd, 2006 instigators of fight in cafe " are detained ; the Seagull earlier offenders Sergey Mozgalev and Yury Pliev. on March, 27th, 2007 for hooliganism and drawing of a beating the city court of Kondopoga has sentenced them to three and a half to years and eight months of imprisonment accordingly.

on September, 4th, 2006 the six Caucasians participating in fight in " have been detained; to the Seagull : Islam Magomadov, Aslambek Bakanaev, Magomed Kamilov, Magomed Ahmads, Gerihan Magomadov and Said - Magomed Edilsultanov. The first have accused of murder of two kondopozhan, the others - in hooliganism and a deliberate tresspass to health. on August, 7th, 2007 the Supreme court of Kareliya has started to consider business, however on September, 27th it have returned in Office of Public Prosecutor for elimination of errors in transfer of charge into the Chechen language. during the repeated process which has begun on July, 21st, 2008, accused repeatedly declared taps to the public prosecutor, demanded the translator and return of business to Office of Public Prosecutor. Anybody from them the fault did not recognise.

in November, 2006 the Office of Public Prosecutor of Kareliya has brought action against the leader of Movement against Alexander Potkina`s illegal immigration (Belova) under item 282 (hatred or enmity excitation). As an occasion its performances on TV channels " have served on September, 8th and 9; TV the Center and REN of TV in which he has declared that Chechens killed all who there was, cut, cut off ears, eyes have pricked out to the guy... On May, 23rd, 2007 business is stopped in the absence of crime structure.

In February - March, 2007 in the negligence which has entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons the Office of Public Prosecutor of Kareliya accuses the deputy chief of militia of public safety of republic Victor Vysokih, the former chief kondopozhskogo GOVD Alexander Chechelnitsky and on duty GOVD Alexey Kostin. on December, 20th, 2007 militiaman Kostin is sentenced to four years conditionally (later term is reduced to three and a half years). Misters High and Chechelnitsky are justified in 2008 by board of jurymen of the Supreme court of Kareliya.