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Who such Sergey Melnikoff

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Authentic data on Sergey Melnikoffa`s biography are absent. On the site he informs on itself(himself) that was born on July, 13th, 1955 in Leningrad in a family of pilot WWII, the general of aircraft . His life details in the USSR are inconsistent. Mister Melnikoff declares that has ended courses at Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the USSR (it is created in 1988) and entered into board of the Soviet Fund of culture (is created in 1986), but thus in 1981 - 1987 served time for dissident activity . Since 1989 lives in the USA (asserts that ran from the Union through China and Thailand). As he said, in 1990 - h it advised the Pentagon on search of the gone prisoners of war and has had training preparation for flight on station the World that also has no acknowledgement. Owns company IPV News USA, organising expedition and shooting to an extreme environment, and Melnikoff Gallery Network. It is known for the organisation of some anti-Soviet both Antirussian exhibitions and the Internet - sites. For example, a portal a Gulag: with a camera on camps on which are laid out 12 tons of especially confidential materials from archives of the USSR which authenticity raises the doubts of experts. The organisation in Georgia together with Alla Dudaevoj of photo-exhibition about the Chechen war " became one of its last actions; hell Chronicles .