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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director MTS Joint-Stock Company Evlashevsky (the Penza region, Kuznetsk area, the river of the item of Evlashevo, street Kuznetsk, d. 23, the INN 5803009458, OGRN 1025800547332) - informs on tendering on sale of property in the form of the public offer.

a prize the Name of property Year of commissioning the Initial price (rbl.) Floor price (rbl.)

1 Uninhabited building - shop on mechanisation of cattle-breeding farms, the area of 529,3 sq. m 1980 944 784,0 493 183,0

2 Art chink 1974 51 051,0 26 648,0

the Periods of reduction of price of the offer:

the Period of reduction of price the offer Price

Roubles Roubles

Days the Prize 1 Prize 2

With 1 on 6 944 784,0 51 051,0

With 7 on 12 803 066,0 43 393,0

With 13 on 18 682 606,0 36 884,0

With 19 on 24 580 215,0 31 351,0

With 25 on 30 493 183,0 26 648,0

demands acceptance Term - 30 working days. Summarising of the auctions at 12 o`clock. 00 minutes in the first working day after the demands acceptance termination. Demands acceptance begins in 30 days from the date of publication of the report of information in the working days with 10. 00 to 12. 00. Demands acceptance and summarising of the auctions in the location of the debtor.

In the demand data on the person directing the demand (for physical persons - FIO, passport data are specified; for legal bodies - requisites, with the appendix, assured notarially, copies of certificates on the state registration, statement on the tax account, an extract from EGRJUL, constituent documents and the documents, confirming powers of controls and officials of the applicant, the power of attorney if the demand is signed by the person who is not an individual executive office.

offers at the price of property are accepted in the open form. The price is underlined number and in words. In a case if the number also in words specifies the different prices, the seller takes into consideration the price specified in words.

In the demand the instructions that the applicant completely and unconditionally accepts the public offer on property sale also should contain, are acquainted with the contract draught of purchase and sale and undertake to conclude the contract at the price of the offer specified in it.

acquaintance with property in the working days with 10. 00 to 12. 00 hour. In the location of the debtor.

the winner of the auctions on sale of property of the debtor by means of the public offer the participant of the auctions who has presented the first when due hereunder the application form for participation in the auctions, containing the offer on the price of property of the debtor, which not below the initial price of sale of property of the debtor, established for the certain period of tendering admits.

the seller in day of registration of the demand and acceptance of the public offer on property sale is obliged to conclude the purchase and sale contract, and the buyer is obliged to pay within 30 days for the contract property cost. Payment for property on the settlement account of the enterprise 40702810448100100664 in Penza OSB 8624 Penza.