Rus News Journal

Vick Hotjan

Unfortunately to visit dining rooms Delamo there was no possibility, therefore write ideas, being based on statements of the problem + on an enterprise sight of the consumer!


I Categorization

Is not present sense daily to change all menus. Divide the menu into categories, for example:

1) “ Fixed “ menu positions - should be in the menu daily:

- dishes with the greatest popularity (spend in tech. 1 month of research by quantity in checks, it is simple!)

- dishes with a small share of the rests going on write-off

- dishes with certain border of a margin (for example, not chupa - chupsy which are popular, but bring a profit minimum)

- for example: rice, the Kiev cutlet, an omelette/ fried eggs, salad cucumbers - tomatoes and etc.

- on the fixed positions it is possible to expect demand and to minimise costs

- the fixed positions bring in the fixed income

2) “ Variables “ menu positions - should change within a month:

- dishes with varying popularity

- dishes with high costs at the rests

- dishes with a high margin

- for example: meat dishes, soups and etc.

- for the account “ variables “ dishes a variety

- for the account " will be observed; variables “ Dishes the big profitableness (in case of great demand) and small costs (in case of small demand)

3) " will be guaranteed; Salad - a bar “ - a zone with the dishes allowing consumers to provide a variety:

- products which can be combined depending on mood (=οξςπεαθςελθ do dishes)

- the products is minimum processed, i.e. can be used on a trace. Day with thermal processing in other categories of dishes (minimisation of costs)

- products can be opened, cut and spread in a zone “ salad - a bar “ as required (minimisation of costs)

- products with approximately identical level of the cost price

- cost of a plate of the certain size is fixed (here there will be problems with calculation of the cost price of sale, but they will be compensated by zero costs)

- for example: Carrots, beet, tomatoes, cabbage, olives, corn, a string bean, rice, macaroni, cheese, crab sticks, marinades, eggs, nuts, sauces and etc.

can pass Dishes from a category in a category, be added or be cleaned depending on tendencies, and etc.

II Thematic days

a Variety and a stream of clients it is possible to provide a time of year also “ shake-ups “ for example:

1) Day of national kitchens: Day of Italy, day of Japan and td.

2) Day with accent on the offer of certain products: Fish day, Vegetable day

3) the Days adhered by holidays: Day of poetry (on tables - verses), Day of firemen (it is a lot of hot dishes), Day of protection of children (it is a lot of cakes and zabavnostej) and etc.



It is possible even to make a dining room format “ a highlight “ naming an institution on signboards, the menu, price lists: “ Stolovka Delamo “

II) Movement with a trend of a healthy food:

1) Designate certain bright badges and dish drawings in the menu/ price lists:

1. “ Light “ - Easy dishes (they low-calorie or simply useful)! Your error to name them “ special offers for the women who are watching a figure “ since it is a lot of men too want to eat healthy products or to support a figure. T an island you frighten off a part of consumers of these dishes.

mark this category of dishes simply badge “ Lungs “ or “ Useful “ (for example, macaroni rye, cheese of 7 %, with prunes, greens and etc.).

2. “ Fresh “ - Fresh dishes (they maloobrabotannye)

- clients - the people practising different stages syroedenija (such in Moscow it is a lot of!)

- In the same category it is possible to sell expensive products, for example, fruit, vegetables, greens.

- the costs connected with preparation of products

3 Decrease. “ Vega “ - Dishes for vegetarians

For example, salads with nuts, bean, a soya and td.

4. “ Protein “ - Albuminous dishes

- Clients - going to sports halls (such it is a lot of)

- For example: meat, egg, cottage cheese

5. “ Vitamin H “ - the dishes containing the basic vitamins (With. In, And, R and etc.)

- clients - people, to whom have advised to use more than any vitamins (and such 99%:)

2) Do calculation of calories and write on price lists/ the menu for the basic dishes

III) Polls of visitors in electronic form

For better positioning and menu drawing up, use questionnaires. And in vain you think that they do not give an adequate picture!

- Agree with a management of the companies which are based in yours business - the centres, about possibility to send to their employees questionnaires by e-mail in electronic form (it is possible and in a paper kind on tables)

- focus attention and ask to fill regular customers of yours stolovki (people love when them ask also it “ it will be nothing “)

- In electronic form it is convenient to process results! Here a good site surveymonkey. com - there it is possible simply, quickly and free of charge to make a questionnaire with possibility of the fast analysis

- Include a question on a favourite dish. It is assured that such dishes will be unexpected and will repeat: fried eggs, olive, heat, a potato and etc. (for example, I adore eggplants and very seldom meet them in the menu though it is ready to give for them any money!)


1) Attraction of visitors of the next centres

Do periodic communications about your dining room in next business - the centres, shops - qualitative leaflets from a photo topovyh dishes with instructions of the prices - there is quite enough

2) Snekovye automatic machines in the centres

you write that many simply manage tea. For clients such passive and saving time it is possible to establish on floors business - the centres automatic machines

- small investments (150 - 200 thousand rbl. for one)

- possibility to sell products with high oborachivaemostju, where personnel assistance (with logo Delamo, certainly)

- for example is not necessary: your batch, salads in plastic packings, etc.

3) Delivery of meal with preorder possibility

For the same clients saving time:

- add on your site an option of the preorder from having at date of the menu

- fix the price of delivery for business - the centres (delivery will not occupy a lot of time, therefore it is possible to ask to do it the employee of the dining room who has been not loaded at present of time)

4) Action “ the Discount/ a gift 250/ N to the visitor “

it is simple to arrange the action based on serial number of the check! (To trace to the cashier OR to establish an electronic board, where will trace serial number of the current visitor)

5) the Rationing system (memory/ depositary)

(consider in the long term, t. To while will probably introduce zatratno)

- Memory cards with granting of discounts (in t. ch. At whom corporate cards)

- Depositary cards (for acceleration of process of service + accumulation of discounts)

6) the Zone for smokers

If are allowed by a place, the zone for smokers can raise a stream of visitors in times, tk many I prefer nearby cafes from - for possibilities “ to relax “.