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Lufthansa has driven away the board damaged in Perm

Yesterday liner Airbus A321 - 200 airlines of Lufthansa, suffered from collision with the tractor past Saturday, has left the airport Big Savino, has informed general director FGUP the Perm airlines Valery Grigoriev (HAS fallen). The departure has taken place after the board was examined by the experts of Lufthansa who have arrived to Perm technical flights of airline.

incident has occurred early in the morning on February, 26th. At the Perm airport Big Savino has occurred tractor collision - a tower and plane Airbus A321 - 200 airlines of Lufthansa which was going to execute flight Perm - Frankfurt - on - Main. Onboard the liner there were 43 passengers and 7 crewmen. As have explained in the Perm transport Office of Public Prosecutor, collision has occurred on aircraft parking. The tractor went to the plane to fix its chassis for towage on take-off - a landing strip. Without reaching centimetres of fifty chassis to a rack, the tractor has sharply handed over back then there was a collision, - the interlocutor " speaks; in Office of Public Prosecutor, - it has been as a result damaged drove (a metal bar for connection of the plane with a tow) and the forward rack of the chassis " is scratched;.

Having examined the aircraft, the commander of crew has decided to refuse flight, passengers have removed from flight, fuel from tanks Airbus have merged. The Perm transport Office of Public Prosecutor was engaged in check of circumstances of incident. Dosledstvennuju check to signs of the crime provided p.1 item 267 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (vehicle Damage) is spent also by interdistrict investigatory department of the Ural investigatory management on transport SKR. Agents of national security have checked up crew of the aircraft, the driver and the mechanic of the tractor about alcoholic intoxication. All of them have appeared are sober. As speak pravoohraniteli, collision, most likely, has occurred from - for breakages of an automatic transmission of the tractor.

the general director HAS fallen Valery Grigoriev has informed that two reasons are considered - technical malfunction of the tractor or an error drove. in my opinion, the error of the driver is faster. - has assumed a top - the manager, having declared that careful check of incident will be spent. Before arrival of German experts the Perm pilots did not touch the tractor and the damaged plane. After arrival of the German party, it was necessary to cut off a part drove, into which the tractor and by that has driven, to release the liner.

however, agents of national security consider that anything terrible has not occurred . After incident the plane could go without problems to flight, - tells one of them, - simply the crew was reinsured. Passengers from the damaged liner have been carried on Saturday.

meanwhile, by data In supervising body the question on attraction to administrative responsibility of the driver of the tractor and the mechanic who has let out the car on a line is considered. To them threatens ch. 3 items 11. 3 KoAP of the Russian Federation (Damage of the equipment of airdrome, vertodroma or an airfield, air field signs or the aircraft). The sanction of this article assumes imposing of the penalty to 2,5 thousand rbl. As to dosledstvennoj checks, interlocutors law enforcement bodies doubt that it will end with criminal case excitation. the criminal liability for vehicle damage comes only in case of causing of a large material damage or heavy harm to health of the person, - - agents of national security speak, - a large damage the sum not less than 1 million rbl. However is considered, all will depend qualities of an estimation .

Valery Grigoriev considers that German the parties will declare a damage of the insurance company which in turn will address for its compensation to to the Perm airlines (Big Savino) operates the airport. With representatives of Lufthansa it was not possible to communicate.

it is necessary to notice that this most serious incident on platform of Big Savino during the last years. Before incidents happened not mediocre on take-off - a landing strip. So in 2009 the Boeing 737 - 800 airlines the Orenburg airlines after landing to 52 metres it was rolled out on a trailer strip of safety. In December, 2010 liner S7 at a turn on take-off - a landing strip from - for icings was rolled out for strip limits.