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They have thrown me...

after erotic photosession and scandal with an exit from an United Russia events round ballerina Volochkovoj are developed promptly. a spark has found the actress on tours in Primorski Krai, and she admitted that does not want, but can leave the native land. What does not suit the former tonic this time?

- Anastas, speak and write, you are forbidden on television. How many your aethers have been removed for last month?

- the Concert should go on air in January - February. Now it on a regiment, probably, for a long time. I need to lay out only its records in a blog that people could look. Removed a concert and staged the First channel. There there were all stars with which I have involved, - Kohl Baskov, Irina Allegrova, Valentine Yudashkin, Anja Semenovich, group Factory Pavel Kashin, Anja Lorak... It is So much stars and all have forbidden from - for me! It was my project, I financed it, professional scenery with use of modern technologies have been made, but after known events this concert have quickly pushed... It would not be desirable to plunge into details, but it is clear that it is next a swallow after cancellation of an aether of two transfers of federal channels - Let speak (First) and NTVshniki (NTV). Transfers have not been connected in any way with a policy! One is devoted my benefit performance, the second - a theme Dress - a code . I in any way did not expect that it will be made by order of the Kremlin...

- it is not believed that in such details there are engaged...

- To us on it was informed by editors of programs. I do not want to name names not to substitute people. I know, for example, that Andrey Malakhov tried to rescue an aether, but to it have advised not to interfere, because it supposedly a big-times politics. And Marmots - the unique person who supervises television, is capable to solve such question and to forbid two transfers on two federal channels. At last: why transfer Let speak has had time to leave in the Far East and in Kazakhstan, and in the Central Russia is not present? There is, of course, coincidence but that it is so much and at once - I in such do not trust... Yes, I understand, I have left in a huff at the most inappropriate moment - on the eve of elections, but I have made it without any malicious intention! It seemed to me that the party is not a gang to which time has got became the hostage and even if was disappointed or something has gone not so it will be already impossible to leave therefrom. I have left. So what for to me to block a way now? When I have arrived to the Far East, have learnt that the regional administration forbids journalists to meet me and asks them to make my tours not noticed or imperceptible ! And after all the party is not afraid to spend the resource for to prevent. Let it remains on their conscience! In my opinion, it sverhnechelovechno because unlike other actors I of anything from party did not take, used nothing, on the contrary, helped an United Russia . Did everything that asked: it is necessary to be photographed on banners? Please! People to meet? For God`s sake - on my concerts leaders ER came with flags! I all it allowed to do, considered it as the debt. But not the party created my concert program, not the party has made me the known ballerina, not the party has generated me as the person, but now she can revenge stealthily that I left it!

- So you have written the application for an exit from ER ?

- I have left on tour to the Far East, the hand statement have not reached. I at all did not consider that in it there is a necessity or sense as loudly declared that I more not a member an United Russia . But if it is necessary to write the application, I will make it - work does not make. To me the form, and the maintenance is important not. But I about what am not sorry.

- when and how, on - to yours, the world of a policy and the art world adjoin?

are two different worlds, and they are not homogeneous. The majority of actors go to a policy because they need to solve the problems: to someone the creative centre to receive, to someone financing on a film, and party figures use actors. But parties are necessary under control actors who will recite the written text and will not show excessive activity. At least, such impression at me has developed. These two worlds basically in elections adjoin.

- something earlier your civic stand was not appreciable. On it there was a fashion in beau monde?

- Is not present, possessing it - units, and their number thaws. And at the people disappointment. I personally it saw - here, in the Far East when met youth. They have not enough hopes.

- it is good, and how then the party in power rekrutiruet new members among creative intelligency? What principle of selection?

- popularity Degree. It seems to me it is strange: what for to be the party member if you help it only during elections? If the party asks and will pay, actors and so will sing, will dance - that on meeting that on korporative... The party should be marked by affairs, instead of that on the banner to hang out names of known people. And to do by derelicts of actors - it is immoral. It is an ignorance indicator.

- who in party responsible for creative intelligency?.

- I such do not know. I it always had personal contact. I few times tried to call for prudence when someone from figures of party arrived badly under the relation to me personally. I about Gryzlov, for example. When at me the conflict to the Bolshoi theatre began (I already was a member ER ) I have addressed to Boris Vjacheslavovichu with the request for the help. Everything, on what it was capable, - has advised to me to remain in Russia. After problem dismissal have not ended, and I have asked the help for Vladislav Surkova. I any more did not ask it about returning in theatre, but only about that from me did not take away my small make-up room that for me at theatre there was any outlet. It has helped with this question. When we have met, he has thanked me for support an United Russia then I have told that is ready to participate more in projects of party and to realise the projects on development of children`s creativity. He has answered: Yes - yes - yes, it is all it is pleasant and laudable! on that all also has come to an end.

- so who whom uses - actors party or on the contrary more?

- Nevertheless party - actors. There are, of course, such art workers, know, who polovchee, they money for the film budget will beat out that, a building under theatre will receive, and can also night club in such building to make... I personally have received nothing. Only has lost: on the one hand, me condemned for the signature under the letter against Khodorkovsky, with another - I now even arrive to Krasnodar territory after last elections of the mayor of Sochi I can not. And now and at all remove transfers with my participation from a teleether...

- and when from you something was necessary for party how they addressed?

- Called on the mobile. Someone with the request to comment on events from the face an United Russia - from Young guards or from a site an United Russia . Someone asked to arrive to be photographed at the stand ER or to participate in a forum ER that is called, the person potorgovat Books any to distribute against the stand ER . My friend Boris Moiseyev told that when it became a member ER at it became more concerts and it became easier to it to go on the country... But besides - not everywhere: to the same Krasnodar territory it too not entrance! Only I - for political reasons, and on it, speak, Tkachev has taken offence for nonconventional sexual orientation.

- participation of party actors in pre-election actions is paid?

- I know that in much money, and big paid. I personally have not received copecks. However, I never accepted participations in pre-election concerts - did not consider it necessary to exchange the creativity. It seems to me much more correct to employ actors and to arrange korporativ, rather than such concerts. Entering party eight years ago, I thought that my vital ambitions will be claimed. I tried to open a network of schools of creative education in regions, even have ended the economy Higher school, have received degree MBA, have written all project on a paper... I understood that I have not enough forces and means to start such network, administrative support from party was necessary to me. But even the ready program has appeared it not necessary. In an United Russia today basically are occupied by process for the sake of process, and for result very few people is ready to take responsibility.

- long you waited - eight years.

- Events of last year have changed me. At first it have appeared to anybody my projects and when I have laid out on the Internet the personal photos from rest on Maldives to me reproaches began to throw in the autumn that I - a member " are not necessary; an United Russia and such behaviour is incompatible... But, of course, the main thing is that my participation in political life to me auknulos a negative. I about last year`s campaign for elections of the mayor of Sochi. I had chances, there was a trust to me of people... But since then I cannot arrive to Krasnodar territory with concerts and dance for spectators for whom I danced when it was necessary for Tkachevu. Now I there the persona non grata. Elections were dishonest - one week prior to their carrying out inauguration of Pahomova has already been appointed, even has been excellent in this connection a charitable concert for children. Pahomov was my member of the same party, and I considered that it is necessary to give the chance to it, let it is dishonest, but easy to hold this post. Then, when the Krasnodar authorities began to operate against me unworthy, I have decided to tell truth because it is a unique way and possibility to protect...

- But after all on elections in Sochi you were called by the same ER .

- Yet really I could join itself in a policy at such level? Certainly, I consulted, and then they have simply thrown me. Moreover, when Tkachev has forbidden me to come to edge with concerts, I have first of all called Surkovu and have asked about a meeting, but it has not accepted me. I have once again called, but me have translated on the person who was more low on a rank. I have met it in the State Duma, have explained that I do not want to be engaged more klounadoj that I have reflected on leaving party. To it it was obvious all the same... And with the letter against Khodorkovsky... Too some kind of a setup: when I signed it, there there was no Khodorkovsky`s surname. Many actors after I have made this statement, too have confirmed that the letter has been provoked and fraudulently it is offered to actors to sign it.

- something I will not remember, that someone else from creative persons complained of indifference to them from party bosses.

- People from the sports world recognise that to them the same relation. They say that are engaged in nothing inside ER Only shine the person but party - same not theatre, not a concert hall! Well this such, when labels ER everywhere, even on ladders of theatres? Handles, T-shirts, bags, now also thermometers... In their opinion, it is normal. On me - is not present. Well unless it is normal, when party strategy is calculated on one and a half year? Already in general for a year. And a question only one: who main? Who becomes those who will solve all? And for me it is not important. I would not like to depend on the one who supervises over the country or party, Big or Small theatres...

- as the beau monde has reacted to your opposition with ER ?

- When have removed from an aether the program Let speak I have learnt about it at night, went in the car to Tolyatti, was upset, has burst into tears... So the first esemeska which I have received, was from Xenia Sobchak! She has written to me: Nastja... (I will not tell a word which she has told, but on sense as horror ) . I do not love injustice, I do not know, how to you to help, but I in shock! even those who hated me or considered as the full silly woman as soon as me began to poison, they have supported, who what could.

- to you from it it is easier?

- I do not want to be, as it - something in an ice-hole which floats there where the wind will blow. I am not afflicted. And now I understand more and more that has arrived correctly.

- you exclude for yourselves membership in other party?

- Offers if it is fair, were, but I would not like to speak about them. For eight years I have got acquainted with leaders of all parties, but now support of simple Russians is necessary to me. I do not want to think that from - for an exit from numbers of the party in power I should leave the country. Once I already did it, when me have dismissed from the Bolshoi theatre - I then felt unnecessary, after all all occurred in the face of the power. When I was returned to Russia by Yury Nikolaevich Grigorovich, I was happy. And now the British journalists already again asked me, whether I intend to leave. I personally do not want.

- as so it turns out, what you from everywhere leave with scandal?

- Looking what to name scandal. If my wrongful dismissal from the Bolshoi theatre I have stood without someone`s support, having reached court though already then was a member an United Russia . In something you are right - is stykovochka with a present situation: from the Bolshoi theatre I have been dismissed, as left relations with the person whom very much loved, and it was rich, well-founded, had communications, and it has pulled the most secret threads - the Bolshoi theatre, my partners and my congenial souls. And here times - with threats of life and etc. But then I understood have begun that it is the personal conflict to the person with which I divided both life, and bed. And now? I with anybody from partfunktsionerov did not go to have a rest, with anybody did not sleep... My person becomes more and more known every year, the attention is so great that from any event in my life it is possible to make scandal - of wedding, divorce, a birth of the daughter, christening, my photosession on Maldives... If someone from politicians has hung out the bared a photo on the Internet on it even attention would not turn! And at me everything, what I did, the public attention draws.

- so you intend to continue opposition?

- I did not begin opposition - forces are too unequal. Whether to me to struggle with special services and the power? I not in opposition, am not going to enter other party, I continue the creative activity, tours. If persecution proceeds, I will be compelled to address for support to Medvedev or Putin to finish this lawlessness, well and if will not help... At me ahead concerts in Baltic, in May round across Europe, then - Latin America and Northern. It is necessary then to involve the western press and to tell that occurs in our country. For an United Russia except troubles it promises nothing. Without saying that for many people who else remained in its numbers, my example will be a signal to that it is time to bring down therefrom.