Rus News Journal

Tatyana Istomin

I Suggest companies Delamo to concentrate on own offer and not to try to compete directly to cafe and the restaurants located nearby to business - the centres.
I consider that the financial and time resource as at dinner and a cup of coffee nobody has cancelled business meetings will be in vain spent for this competition, and to spend them in a dining room not absolutely conveniently.

another matter that Delamo can diversify the offer and by that to try to involve those

office workers who in a pursuit of new sensations and conditions change goes to cafe and restaurants.

in my opinion, assortment change every day - excessively frequent, people are not in time to fall in love a dish. Besides every day, going to a dining room, you go on an uncertainty meeting - what will I is today? and uncertainty always causes fear and tearing away. These are difficulties from the consumer, but also from the manufacturer of difficulties with new assortment also it is a lot of (about them it is written in a case).

If to take in attention results of your polls then the chance to be mistaken with statement of a question is great and as a result to receive the doubtful answer. When visitors by and large are happy, they not begin to specify in small lacks and to offer new decisions, especially in a lunch break when, having been tired of office routine, it would be desirable to distract and not to think a little. The most authentic research in this case is a detailed analysis of sales on concrete positions in every day week, month and etc. Such analysis of everyone assortimentnoj in dynamics can give to a position the objective data about demand for a dish.

I offer the decision following: try to apply matrix BKG to management of assortment. For a menu basis it is possible to take on three - four most popular positions from soups, salads, hot dishes and garnishes. It will be your cows, they do not demand the big financial injections, the production technology is fulfilled also they bring in the stable income. This menu will be basic. In this situation every day weeks any office worker will accurately understand that having come to a dining room, it can necessarily order that to it to taste. Unpleasant surprises

(when the person has come to a dining room, and favourite supchika is not present) will not be. The risk to remain hungry or to eat something unloved decreases, means also people begin to go to you more often. Fast/ the vegetarian menu should be a part of the constant menu.

and here to diversify the menu it is possible by means of special offers or actions in addition to the basic menu, for example, in the autumn the special mushroom menu, weeks Italian or French cuisine, fish festivals, vegetable carnivals, berry fairs and so forth Duration of such actions should be not less than two weeks. It is the most convenient to start, in my opinion, actions for a period of calendar month. Thus, whenever possible, to select those dishes, which manufacture at present time demands the minimum expenses for raw materials (seasonal recession of the prices for vegetables, for example), or demand on which will be historically high (pancake week). Dishes from the special menu will give a necessary variety. Besides, during actions it is possible to test dishes and the most successful from the point of view of demand and the production technology it will be possible to include in the base menu.

revision of all menu should pass regularly, it is necessary to supplement the base menu with new cows, to delete from it dogs.

stars should be in special offers, it will give the chance to put on them the bonus prices, without overestimating the minimum cost of a dinner.

difficult children should be analyzed in details from the point of view of production technology perfection, probably, to turn out to grow up from them stars. Such approach will give the chance to you to combine a constancy with novelty.

Besides, do not forget about complementary dishes, such as tea, coffee, cakes, a fresh batch. If office worker

can and not go to a dining room, without a batch to tea almost any female collective will not manage.

from the point of view of motivation of employees to daily visiting of a dining room, it is possible to offer pleasant bonuses by Friday, for example, for each visiting from Monday till Thursday the person types certain coupons, on their Friday it is possible to exchange for a free drink, a batch or other dish. It is possible to hold competitions on the best recipe, on the most tasty holiday photo, on the most interesting story about new gastronomic or culinary experience, create the weakened, open atmosphere of holiday then people will dream to run away on a lunch break from office to you.