Rus News Journal

Julia Trifonova

1. The company adheres to image of a dining room, and I consider that at such concept in no event it is impossible to change the full menu of dishes daily.

if consumers liked, for example, cutlets on - kievski, they will want them to order and some more days. People are afraid to take all time something new and for the money - and suddenly it will not be pleasant?

2. I suggest to make the basic menu which will not change, from a set of certain dishes, with choice possibility. For example, 5 kinds of soups, 5 kinds of the second, 5 kinds of garnishes, both etc. And for a change to make the weekly menu, is better the thematic. But not on the countries, and on regions as on the countries the thematic menu is done by already many cafes. For example, Tuscan days Dinners in Provence Dinners of the Kiev Russia the Soviet dinners . So there will be a choice both at conservatives, and at innovators. And stability of assortment will allow you to predict purchases.

3. For increase in a stream of visitors it is necessary to try different variants and to choose what will have demand. For example, delivery of dinners in offices of other shopping centres where you have no rooms in rent.

for this purpose it is necessary to print handbills at a discount on the first some dinners with menu and price instructions, and to employ the courier who will pass on all nearby office centres and will personally distribute these leaflets to office employees. Also it is necessary to carry leaflets in all nearby little shops, probably, many employees would come to have dinner to this dining room.

4. To interview among those of 70 % of employees which work in the same building, but do not come to have dinner. That them does not arrange in a dining room, probably, it can be the big turns, or the high price for a dinner, or discrepancy of the menu of a dining room to their requirements. Something does not suit visitors, differently at such small sum of the check they would have dinner every day in a dining room.

5. If coffee sale on carrying out is popular, it is necessary to increase the check sum, thanks to introduction in assortment of a variety of a fresh batch. Probably, it is necessary to think of the coffee order by phone - because sometimes employees of office have no possibility to leave till a dinner and to go down downwards, and svezhesvarennogo coffee would be desirable always.

6. For increase in sales it is possible to use receptions aromamarketinga - in a dining room should not smell as sausages and soup, and here vanilla smells, coffee and a fresh batch will positively operate on visitors, forcing them to buy for a great sum.

for this purpose spray in air aromatic oils with the necessary smell.

7. For clients to think over the loyalty program. Probably, to give out special cards for a month where a stamp to mark each dinner in a dining room. If the client has typed 15 stamps from 20 to give out a souvenir.

many people are hazardous and with pleasure will play this game.

8. Probably, problems can be there, on what sometimes do not pay attention. It is necessary to take control group of people which in the form of clients will come to a dining room. So-called the latent buyers . And after visiting will fill the detailed questionnaire - that was not pleasant in the menu, in an interior, in service, in what place there were unpleasant emotions as the employees communicate, what quality of the dishes, what ware, whether tasty coffee and all other. Then you receive the most correct estimation and will see all misses.

9. And all - taki I consider that problems here two: also it is necessary to find out the reason of a dissatisfaction of clients which do not visit or from time to time visit a dining room. And it is obligatory to make the constant menu in a dining room, but with weekly special offers . As a rule, people come not only to satisfy feeling of hunger, but in bolshej parts to eat the tasty fallen in love dish. Uncertainty - is always many times worse than definiteness. And the present gourmets which love novelty of flavouring sensations, usually no more than 3 - 4 % from all people. And the dining room should be guided by the most part of visitors. Also it is necessary to begin with these two problems.