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The love in a rhyme

At writer Fazilja Iskandera and his wife Antonina Hlebnikovoj on the occasion of a golden wedding leaves the joint collection of verses “ Snow and grapes. About love and not only “. “ the Spark “ has talked to authors of the book about love and not only

the Idea of an exit of such book could arise still half a century ago: at the moment of acquaintance to the future wife Fazil Iskander has already published two books of verses, and Antonina Hlebnikova even before acquaintance to the future husband has started to compose verses. But the book “ Snow and grapes. About love and not only “ where the first part, “ the rose Formula “ - it, and the second, “ soul Runaways “ - it, leaves just now. And this one of three events which an once will be noted this week by Iskander. Others two: birthday - on March, 6th to it 82 years and a golden wedding (a family holiday have transferred since August from - for summer fires) were executed. Probably, shortly there will be one more occasion to celebrating: there is an idea to organise in Moscow cultural centre Fazilja Iskandera.

the Observer “ the Spark “ has talked to the writer and his wife. Conversation with Fazilem Iskanderom has appeared short for the unexpected reason.

from interview to Fazilem Iskanderom

- In connection with a golden wedding pertinently to remember history of your acquaintance. The episode of a meeting with the girl in Abkhazia, described in " is how much autobiographical; Constellation of Kozlotura “. All was so?

- Probably, so. Or nearly so so. I did not re-read for a long time, I do not remember.

we will remind the writer, and also readers this description: “ the Girl was in a society of two elderly women. They have passed on sidewalk by us. I have had time to notice a gentle profile and magnificent golden hair. It was very pleasant girl, only its waist has seemed to me too narrow. Something ancient, from korsetnyh times... And here I see - it costs on a small mooring for local boats. Has bent over a barrier and looks in water. On it any children`s rubashonka and a very large skirt on an underdeveloped waist. About such girls at us speak: it is possible to cut with scissors “.

- Where there was a wedding?

- As - it is awkward to tell that about wedding.

- it is good, let`s talk about the book. What can you tell about verses of the wife?

- For me to speak about creativity of my wife, to interest someone in its creative life - too inconvenient enough business.

- by national traditions it is inconvenient?

- Partly and on national. Immodestly.

- but the book - that leaves, and, means, some immodesty is already admitted.

- the book Edition - the initiative of our friends. This idea Lydia Grafova also has carried out.

- But you not will speak about yourselves, and about other person.

- - that I just could speak About myself.

from interview to Antonina Hlebnikovoj

- Fazil Abdulovich has lived the most part of the life not in native Abkhazia, and in Moscow. Following to national traditions changed in the course of time?

- With the years it became more appreciable. Though, of course, I and observed earlier it. During the Moscow feasts somebody from its Russian friends - writers started to praise the wife. Know, how it is sung in a song: “ As Ivan zhenoju vyhvaljaetsja... “? Fazil in public never me praised. In youth it has a little wounded me.

- and wedding at you passed by the Abkhazian traditions?

- Not absolutely. By the Abkhazian traditions wedding - one of the greatest celebrations in life. And Fazil has simply advised the family that married. And he even has sent for the first time for a while the mum to have a rest in mountains. When mum has returned from sanatorium, he has told to it that has undersigned. And then in the same place, in Sukhumi, in the house of his sister Gjuli have arranged a feast where I and my parents have got acquainted with his family (mum, the sister, the brother and their families) and its three friends. My parents saw for the first time the Sukhumi feast on which usually speak florid toasts. The table was conducted by brother Fazilja Firidun, the known host in a city. My father then, in Moscow, long remembered the beginning of the Caucasian toast: “ This fine crystal glass... “ Fazil has rented a room at any deaf-and-dumb Greek woman. There there was a separate input: two walls of different houses without windows made a court yard, and I had a sensation lermontovskoj “ Tamani “. When I have come next day after wedding to the parents, it has appeared, the father with experiences for me had at night a hemorrhage in an eye. The big brother of the father spoke to it: “ What do you do? You give the daughter for the person who, in - the first, is more senior it, in - the second, the Caucasian, and in - the third, still besides and the poet, that is bogemshchik “. But in our home life the bohemian part has been softened. We heard at times as any known writer left the house, left the wife - live, as you want. For Fazilja it was impossible.

At Fazilja Iskandera and Antonina Hlebnikovoj an age difference - almost eleven years. She, as speaks, at once has accepted its supervising role, and then already admired it as before the poet and the writer. Antonina Mihajlovna very much loved the literature, but to arrive in Literary institute near to which lived, has not dared and became the economist. Worked in scientifically - research institute at the Department of Energy, then as the editor in economic magazines. Their meeting in Sukhumi is described also by it - in a poem “ the Sukhumi coast. Night “. In it there are such lines: “ And in any way here not to resist,/ If two - verses and a surf./ and already our hands not razjat,/ And it is not terrible in a surf for you “.

- Who has trained you in traditions of the husband?

- Mum Fazilja, Leli Hasanovna, has explained much to me. She badly spoke on - russki, was not formed, but was on - krestjanski wise. I remember, it has amazed me, when has told that by the Abkhazian traditions the daughter-in-law should not address to the mother-in-law directly, only through other people: “ Tell to it “ - and the mother-in-law too speaks: “ Tell to it “. Even a name did not name. Then my mum talked to it. And Leli explained: “ At us if the husband has come home drunk and has gone to bed on a floor, the wife should take a pillow and lay down nearby “. Mum has been revolted. And wise Leli intentionally took an extreme case and on it learnt that is possible, and that it is impossible. Leli also spoke to mum: “ At us, at abhazov, the one who has stolen, is less guilty, than at whom have stolen “. “ How? “ - mum was surprised. “ and here so, - continued Leli. - On the one who has stolen, - one sin (before the person at whom it has stolen). And at whom have stolen, starts to suspect different people, and at it it is a lot of sins “. My mum even has become puzzled and has exhaled: “ And truth “. Fazil forked between a city family of the father, the aristocratical aunt Susannoj, Stendal, and a rural family of mother was the favourite which author.

from interview to Fazilem Iskanderom

- In you besides Abkhazian, the Persian blood flows still. Whether you searched for relatives in the area of the father?

- Is not present. In Iran, except the father, was nobody. To me have informed that the father has died. We have learnt it is any private way.

father Fazilja Iskandera, the Iranian, at Stalin has been sent to Iran. In a poem of Iskandera “ On a deck “ there are such lines: “ Eyelids of the father the falcon./ the eye burns fiber./ I remember its moustaches long,/ Smelling as wine “. And further: “ the seas night a cool,/ the Kind moon a sugar candy./ with mother carried us where - that/ My unlucky father “.

- your grandfather on the father was the owner of brick-works, and in Abkhazia many houses were under construction of its bricks. It is possible to tell, of what bricks there was your house?

- My house if to speak mirovozzrencheski, it is constructed not of bricks of the grandfather on the father, and from if it is possible so to say, bricks of the grandfather on mother. I came to it in the summer on vacation. The present peasant, with all features of country thinking, it has affected me the life.

from interview to Antonina Hlebnikovoj

- you were the first reader and the first critic of prose of Fazilja Iskandera?

- Certainly. He has understood at once that I the person betrayed to the literature. At it in Sukhumi environments were not. It the Russian writer, and it wanted to make the translator of local classics. Prose of Fazil has started to write, already having married. It has, of course, derided it: the wife has appeared, the Muse has run away. But it has taken place as the big prose writer.

- and memoirs of Fazil Abdulovich recently did not write?

- Never wrote. It asked, why does not write, he has told: “ All interesting that was in my life, I have described in the products “. That is is worse, than wrote, he does not want to write.

- you did not write down anything?

- it was inconvenient Me. Besides life was original - he participated in different political actions, still to “ Metropolja “ signed protest letters. Me frightened that I will appear any observer: has sat in the company of its friends, has listened to conversations, has come home and has written down. It is impossible to me.

- Fazil Abdulovich did not consult on you before signing any letter?

- It on anybody did not consult. It is heavy that is unpredictable. I even have devoted once a poem to it: “ About as my darling is unpredictable,/ When you wait “ yes “/ it will refuse,/ And that on all suddenly will agree at once... “ And so on. It the closed person.

some years ago Fazil Iskander has made an act which from outside too can seem result of its unpredictability, but it is other history. Iskander has accepted Orthodoxy. The poet Tamara Zhirmunsky (by the way, written the preface to their joint book) has acquainted in due time a family Iskanderov with father Alexander Menem. Fazil Iskander and Alexander Men conducted theological conversations, and, on Antonina Mihajlovny`s sensation, the writer was already in a step being christened at father Alexander. And suddenly Me kill. Fazil Iskander only after ten years after its  destruction was christened. But son Fazilja Abdulovicha and Antonina Mihajlovny has had time to christen Men.

- your son Alexander writes stories. It has gone by the way of the father?

- Is not present, the son has ended journalism faculty, but has not wanted to work on a speciality and became, according to the father, “ the young financier “. And stories he really writes also year three - four back at last has trusted in the father and has allowed to esteem the written. I remember, when I the first time have shown Fazilju the verses, I all have got exhausted. It was years through ten after our acquaintance, the daughter already went to school. Fazil was not delighted, but has accepted and even something has prompted. For me was a great honour that it has taken a hand in my verses, I even chernovichki with its corrections store till now. The son has shown it stories, already having written their five or six. Fazilja had a surprising reaction. He has told: “ Son of a bitch, it in life did not read anything, why he so well writes? “ (in comparison with that, we how many read, the generation of the son, of course, reads a little.) I have told Fazilju: “ That is why that it your son “. Thus at Sashi is not present the slightest imitation the father - such impression that he at all did not read it.

from interview to Fazilem Iskanderom

- it is convenient to you to speak About children? The book is issued by drawings of your daughter Marina which it has made when still was small...

- the Daughter and now draws, though by training the philologist. Recently to me a picture has presented. I as - that have written down a phrase: “ I so tup to painting that I perceive only great pictures “.

- your son writes stories...

- He capable enough, writes competently, cultural for the beginning writer. That will be further, I do not know.

age difference at two children Iskanderov - When 1983 the desired son, the first was born that has made Fazil Abdulovich, - has caused builders, and those have put up an additional wall which has separated an office of the writer from other part of apartment. The door in a new wall has been upholstered, as entrance. At all love to a family of Iskanderu it was necessary to separate to work. And the family concerned it with understanding, seeing, as Fazil Abdulovich with own hand reprints each product on four - five times, and each time increasing volume. Even the typewriter did not maintain - at it keys flew away. At this Iskanderu it was necessary, that “ I was one but where - that behind a wall my family " rustled;. Such position and house considered as the blessing. According to Antonina Mihajlovny, Iskander when worked, as a tiger, ran on an office diagonal, winding itself.

- Time about the wife to tell inconveniently, let`s try about women in general. Antonina Mihajlovna considers that at you archaic representations about the woman.

- the Basis of female poetry - shyness. The woman should preuvelichenno be afraid for the relatives, especially of children, should preuvelichenno be afraid of the dark, rats, a thunder-storm, bad dreams, bad presentiments. It raises in the man an inclination to it, courage, a sense of responsibility. At husbands of courageous women always confused persons. The reason - the balance of the nature though they can not understand it till the end of life is broken. A trouble to the country, where too much courageous and besides husbands of women earning more.