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Soldiers have eliminated a language barrier

Yesterday the best basketball club of Russia of CSKA declared appointment already the third head coach who will supervise over soldiers in this season. After dismissed still in the end of the last year from - for a failure in Euroleague Serb Dushko Vujoshevichem and fulfilling duties of the instructor within three last months Dmitry Shakulinym to try known Lithuanian expert Jonas Kazlauskas will deduce a command on former highest level.
Appointment as head coach Jonasa Kazlauskasa became the first decision of the body created on last week - council of professional basketball club of CSKA. It has headed vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov, and besides it and president PBK Andrey Vatutina`s CSKA were included into structure of council some more known officials and a top - managers, for example the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in the Central federal district Sergey Poltavchenko and the general director of Open Company UK Sports projects Structures Nornikelja financing a command, Leonid Isakovich.

the Decision it, it is possible to tell, became ripe. CSKA which, if to consider its achievements in Euro cups (eight successively exits in the Ending of four the Euroleague, two victories in it - in 2006 and 2008), could apply on an informal rank of the strongest club of continent of this decade, in this season acted very mediocre. Before its start the command was headed by Serb Dushko Vujoshevich who has replaced Evgenie Pashutina. But already in the end of November it has been sent in resignation after CSKA has suffered a series of sensitive defeats at the first group stage of Euroleague and, being considered as one of favourites of tournament, has taken off already at its initial stage.

after Dushko Vujoshevicha about whom Andrey Vatutin has told that to that it was not possible to find common language with a command - in direct and figurative sense Duties of the instructor Dmitry Shakulin took up holding a post of the assistant to the Serb. However and at the Russian trainer results weakened by losses of leading players of CSKA left much to be desired. So, more recently soldiers have endured a surprising series for them from three successively losses in the Russian superiority.

councillors PBK CSKA are convinced that Jonas Kazlauskas that person who will help club to meet crisis. Andrey Vatutin, explaining its appointment, as pluses of the Lithuanian has noted also excellent knowledge as Russian, and English language, ability to work with youth and to put the balanced game and, of course, enormous experience of which did not suffice Dmitry Shakulinu.

Experience at Jonasa Kazlauskasa, as well as the trainer`s track record really not less impressing, than at Italian Ettore of Messina, led CSKA to both triumphs in Euroleague. It, say, has made Zhalgiris The winner of main Euro cup in 1999, and after a year on the Sydney Olympic Games from modular Lithuania hardly was has not beaten out in a semi-final seeming impregnable American Dream Team. Jonas Kazlauskas worked and in leading clubs of Europe like an Olympiakos and in national teams - China and Greece.

guards only that circumstance that all it on - to the present outstanding successes, like Olympic Games bronze in Sydney, have been reached already for a long time. And, say, in Greek national team which was its last a place of work, Jonas Kazlauskas as - that especially brightly has not managed to prove.

in the European championship of 2009 it has won bronze medals. But here on a last year`s world championship the Greek command, possessing powerful structure and highly being quoted at bookmakers, has suffered a shattering failure. And the scandal story which has happened in a match from Russian national team with which the group stage came to the end has led to it. The head coach of Russians David Blatt after it has directly accused contenders that they intentionally played not at the full capacity and have conceded to its command as the tournament deal like for certain would relieve lost from a meeting in 1/ 8 endings with operating world champions and Europe Spaniards. However the match which has ended a bit later in adjacent to group a situation has turned: new Zealanders have sensationally overcome with the big difference in the account of strong Frenchmen and have lifted Spaniards in the table, having sent them to play with Greeks. Greek national team has lost to a Spanish team, and Russian national team left in a quarterfinal, having coped with basketball players from New Zealand.