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The European championship has undergone to carrying over

the European championship on boxing of 2011 the decision of the International association of amateur boxing (AIBA) is transferred from Bulgaria to Turkey, has informed a press - the attache of Federation of boxing of Russia Natalia Casanova. Turkey was the second applicant after Bulgaria on championship carrying out. The Turkish side has decided to hold tournament in Ankara.

Sofia should accept the European championship, - the madam Casanova has told. - however in connection with investigation of disciplinary commission AIBA concerning 13 countries entering into the organisation among which and the Bulgarian federation of boxing, bureau of executive committee of the European confederation of boxing the decision on cession of rights on carrying out of tournament of Turkey " has unanimously made;.

AIBA does not open a detail of made disciplinary investigation and an essence of claims to national federations. However, yesterday, at least from one of them - Romanian, the situation has cleared up. The federation of boxing of Romania has been temporarily excluded from structure AIBA that automatically attracts disqualification of all Romanian boxers. As have explained in AIBA, sanctions are imposed that the Romanian party has not constrained the promise concerning elections to federation directing bodies. The federation of boxing of Romania last year has informed AIBA that will choose on October, 27th, 2010 the new president instead of disqualified Rudelja Obrezhi, however it has not been made. Thus mister Obrezhi on - former fulfils duties of the head of federation.

it is necessary to add that terms of carrying out of the European championship have a little changed - Ankara will accept the strongest boxers of Europe 16 - on June, 26th (dates for Sofia were 10 - on June, 19th).