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Wintershall will finish Gazprom to the North Sea

Gazprom expands partnership with German Wintershall on the Urengojsky deposit. The companies have signed the memorandum of parity development of two more additional sites achimovskih deposits - in exchange Gazprom will receive shares in projects in the North Sea. Till now the monopoly never was present at this region. But analysts name the project indicative believing that real work will not begin on it still for a long time.
yesterday Gazprom and German BASF have signed the memorandum providing possibility of development on an equal footing of two additional sites achimovskih of adjournment of the Urengojsky deposit. As they say in the joint message, the document have signed the vice-president of board Gazprom Alexander Medvedev and the trustee German BASF, responsible for sector of oil and gas Hans - Ulrih Engel. The memorandum also provides reception Gazprom equivalent shares of participation in projects Wintershall (affiliated structure BASF) on geological prospecting and extraction in the North Sea. Till now Gazprom never there worked.

extraction on achimovskih deposits Urengojsky gazoneftekondensatnogo deposits has begun in the end of 2008. The operator of the project is the joint venture Gazprom and Wintershall - Achimgaz in which to partners belongs on 50 %. Wintershall has enclosed in the project 300 million prior to the beginning of industrial extraction (all the project is estimated in 700 million) and itself was the contractor, Gazprom compensates to the partner of an expense from a gas receipt.

constructive cooperation Gazprom and Wintershall allows us to undertake the most ambitious from the technical point of view projects, - Alexander Medvedev has declared. - Together with German colleagues we are ready to expand gazodobychu from achimovskih adjournment of the Urengojsky deposit, and also is mutually advantageous to work in dobychnyh projects Wintershall . Hans - Ulrih Engel has added that joint extraction from achimovskih adjournment - an example long-term successful model of cooperation and mutual addition of strengths throughout all chain of creation of cost of the goods .

At the same time it is equal one year ago head Wintershall of Rajner Zele said that in the general program of investments of the company on 3 mlrd the next three years to Russia it is not necessary only 200 million Now partners can specify at all about what it is concrete sites for teamwork there is a speech and in what terms definitive documents on cooperation will be signed. A source close to to Gazprom has explained that it is a question not about immediate prospects, and about strategic intention . As he said, even numbers of sites are not confirmed. Wintershall in the North Sea 33 blocks belong, the company operates with 26 platforms.

Alexander Nazarov from IFK Metropol notices that Gazprom till now never opened the data on stocks on the basic joint site of the companies on the Urengojsky deposit - 1 so to assume, what resources can be on the next sites, it is impossible. He notices that anyway they will be insignificant in relation to the general extraction Gazprom though for Wintershall additional stocks on balance are more essential.

at the same time, according to an analyst, the new joint project of the company - is faster indicative, called to show reliability of their partner relations. Konstantin Juminov from Rye Man and Gor Securities also considers that partners will begin investigation on new sites not earlier than in five years. In its opinion, now at Gazprom gas on the basic deposits suffices, and extraction on new sites will not be essential. Besides the geological structure achimovskih deposits difficult enough and their working out will demand essential investments, the expert adds. On already started site of the Urengojsky deposit it is supposed to extract nearby 200 mlrd cubic metre of gas and 40 million tons of a condensate within 40 years of working out. However Vitaly Krjukov from IFD - the Capital specifies that for Gazprom experience in the North Sea would be very interesting in connection with the scale program of development of the Russian shelf which the monopoly plans to realise.