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GKRCH has divided frequencies Communication

the State commission on radio frequencies (GKRCH) has confirmed territorially - the time plan of conversion of a radio-frequency spectrum, head Roskomnadzora Sergey Sitnikov has informed. He has refused to open plan parametres, having referred that it is coded. As it was informed earlier, the conversion plan mentions all spectrum of frequencies from 790 MHz to 2,7 GHz, that is the most interesting ranges for wireless mobile communication, including perspective standard LTE.

GKRCH also has allowed to use frequencies of 2,1 GHz which have been given out for two-band networks CDMA (from 450 MHz to 2,1 GHz) for building of networks 3G on technology UMTS. This decision allows belonging to Svyazinvest CDMA - to the operator Skye the Link which has a permission to two-band networks, to create an infrastructure 3G on technology UMTS which uses MTS, Vympelcom and the Megaphone .

Besides, GKRCH has allowed to use in networks 3G in Moscow and Moscow Region frequencies of ranges 880 - 890 MHz and 925 - 935 MHz (E - GSM). Frequencies E - GSM in capital region are, in particular, at the Megaphone .

Comstar has paid off with not consent
Comstar has redeemed 5,38 % of the actions at the shareholders who voting against or have not accepted participations in voting of joining of the company to MTS at meeting on December, 23rd of last year. In total for the repayment it has been spent 4,79 mlrd rbl., proceeding from the repayment price in 212,85 rbl. for a paper. This sum corresponds to threshold value in 10 % from cost of the net wealth, provided by the Russian legislation for calculation of the means directed on the repayment of actions. The quantity of the papers shown to the repayment, was equivalent 8,44 % of an authorised capital stock of the company on 7,5 mlrd rbl. that has exceeded a limit almost in 1,6 times. Comstar Has redeemed actions to proportionally submitted demands - 0,6376 actions on each paper shown to the repayment (the action or GDR).

the Food-processing industry
PepsiCo will redeem actions VBD with the award
American PepsiCo will redeem at minoritariev the manufacturer of dairy products Vimm - the Bill - Dann (VBD) the remained actions for the sum almost $1,38 billion On Thursday PepsiCo declared the offer on the repayment of the remained 10,12 million papers at the price of 3,884 rbl. for a piece. At a Central Bank rate at date of the offer announcement ($1 it is equal 28,43 rbl.) The offer minoritarijam corresponds approximately $136,5 for action VBD and assumes the small award to the price on which PepsiCo took shares at the basic shareholders of the Russian company - $132 for a piece. In the end of the last year PepsiCo has agreed about purchase of 66 % of actions VBD for $3,8 mlrd, and in January has bought in addition in the open market of 10,17 more % of actions of the Russian holding for $573,2 million Thus, entirely purchase VBD will manage PepsiCo approximately in $5,75 mlrd - earlier American company has estimated the transaction in $5,4 billion