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Aeroflot will fly about Moscow

the Alignment of forces in the Moscow aviaknot can cardinally change. In the government discussion of possible transition " has begun; Aeroflot with affiliated companies in Domodedovo. The destiny of terminal D of the Sheremetyevo under control to the company, also in doubt - exists a variant of its bankruptcy. However participants of yesterday`s meeting at the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov could not develop the co-ordinated position about it and have decided to readdress a problem to prime minister Vladimir Putin. He can be engaged in it in the nearest two weeks.
yesterday vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov has held meeting on development of the Moscow aviaknot. In it have taken part vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov, the minister of transport Igor Levitin, the head of Ministry of Economics Elvira Nabiullina, its assistant Oleg Savelyev and the general director Aeroflot Vitaly Savelyev. Sources Discussions familiar with a course, say that management company attraction in the Sheremetyevo should become the basic theme. Corresponding competition should pass in the end of 2010, but even its conditions till now are not developed.

however finally, interlocutors " mark; discussion was developed round idea of transition Aeroflot and its affiliated airlines from the Sheremetyevo in Domodedovo under condition of building there the third take-off - a landing strip. In the summer of last year the government has made decision to build the third strip in the state Sheremetyevo, but private Domodedovo has continued struggle and as a result financing of design works at the airport this year is provided in the budget in volume of 130 million rbl. They will are finished in September.

sources in Domodedovo and Rosaviation confirm that at Aeroflot is serious plans on airport change. At the company it is impossible to solve effectively questions with the Sheremetyevo management, one of interlocutors " explains; . In Aeroflot consider that Domodedovo basically approaches for the further development of the company more: there there is a space for new terminals and qualitative service of passengers, - adds a source in Rosaviation. - but for this purpose it is necessary to translate the most part of airlines which carry out flights in Domodedovo, in the Sheremetyevo .

to solve a problem with Sheremetyevo terminal D where 52,82 % of actions belong to Aeroflot the airline is ready considerably, tell sources on an aviation market. As they said, the carrier studies variants of bankruptcy of the terminal, or converting of its debt (an order of $1,2 mlrd) in the action in favour of the basic creditor veba (22,18 % of actions, 25 more % at VTB own). In vebe, however, consider a bankruptcy variant improbable. Business - the plan of the terminal presented for 2011, is profitsitnym - explains a source in bank, believing that it will allow to serve the credit. At given stage veb hardly will arrange also a variant of converting of a debt in the action, the interlocutor " adds; . However, he specifies, while similar offers from Aeroflot did not arrive.

participants of meeting at Igor Shuvalov too have disagreed concerning ideas Aeroflot . Officially any of the parties does not make comments on results of meeting, noticing only that on it were discussed working questions . But familiar with a course of discussion a source says that basic decisions it was not possible to accept also all basic questions of development of the Moscow aviaknot it has been decided to postpone to meeting at prime minister Vladimir Putin in the end of March. A press - the secretary of the prime minister Dmitry Peskov has confirmed That the situation will be discussed at the head of the government in the end of a month.

the agency head Aviaport Oleg Panteleev names transition Aeroflot idea behind a sense side . Domodedovo does not have resources quickly to accept Aeroflot together with airlines of alliance Sky Team - he speaks, adding that anybody also cannot simply take and expose other airlines from Domodedovo. But Andrey Rozhkov from IFK Metropol believes that in our country it is possible and not such . question Discussion at so high level already speaks about gravity of intentions of the parties - the analyst explains. In its opinion, the political decision " here becomes basic;.