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GAI force to pay off for journey

Office of Public Prosecutor of Tatarstan recognised as illegal actions of the state traffic inspectorate blocking streets for journey of local high-ranking officials. She has demanded from the Minister of Internal Affairs of republic Asgata Safarova to understand with infringement and to punish the guilty. The Office of Public Prosecutor wants, that ordinary inspectors, and officials have been punished not. In traffic police notice that the problem of flashers in Tatarstan sharply is not necessary .
Yesterday the assistant to the public prosecutor of Kazan Anton Kosorukov has told about results of the check spent by department under the statement of inter-regional public organisation Federation of automobile owners (HEADLIGHTS) in Tatarstan. As he said, the facts of illegal overlapping of roads for regional officials have completely proved to be true . Having seen videorecording of HEADLIGHTS on which the inspector of traffic police on January, 18th this year stops a transport stream on the Orenburg path and passes on red light at once some cars, the Office of Public Prosecutor has studied also records from street chambers. it is established that the similar facts occur daily and on some times. These are the foreign cars of a representation class belonging to different departments, for example the mayoralties, to the cabinet - mister Kosorukov has explained.

the Office of Public Prosecutor has directed to management of traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Tatarstan the letter in which has demanded explanations. there did not begin to deny the fact of overlapping of roads for officials. In the answer it is specified that it becomes under demands from protection of this or that official - mister Kosorukov has told.

Mister Kosorukov has reminded that under the law About the state protection The privilege of a stop of movement the first persons of federal level - the president of Russia, the chairman of the government and a number of others can use only. subjects (the Russian Federation - ) are not included into this list - it has explained. Thus, in Tatarstan to block off traffic, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, have no right even for the president of republic Rustama Minnihanova. Recently on one of a press - conferences mister Minnikhanov has informed that under favorable weather conditions tries to move by the helicopter not to create a stopper.

following the results of check the Office of Public Prosecutor has directed to the minister of VD Asgatu Safarovu representation in which has demanded to eliminate infringements of the law and to punish the guilty. Thus, mister Kosorukov has noted, Office of Public Prosecutor will not arrange, if collectings will be received by usual inspectors - officials " should be punished;.

Chief UGIBDD the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RT Rifkat Minnikhanov, making comments on the decision of Office of Public Prosecutor, has told that the problem of flashers in Tatarstan sharply is not necessary . In its opinion, stoppers in Kazan occur from - for failures and a lack of outcomes and pedestrian crossings.

the plenipotentiary of HEADLIGHTS in RT Ramil Hajrullin has promised yesterday that after the decision of Office of Public Prosecutor intends continuously to carry out public control . At us (members of HEADLIGHTS - ) in cars in total an order of 15 video registrars. We will fix (cases of overlapping of roads for officials - ). At forums is advised to follow our example to other motorists - he has noticed.