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X5 Leaves the most expensive

About the reasons of personnel shifts in 5 in interview the basic shareholder " has told; the Alpha - groups Michael FRIEDMAN.
- Uhod Lva Hasisa was discussed for a long time? It was its personal initiative?

- We discussed it during any time, but the decision as a whole was accepted quickly. As far as I understand, it was the joint initiative - it and company board of directors. The lion has headed the company in its formation, right after associations the Crossroads and Pjaterochki . To a present situation business 5 has grown five times! It is excellent result. But now the company has passed to a new stage of development, and, as they say, fresh blood, a new view is necessary to it. It any more that active which it has accepted in management five years ago.

- In what basic difference?

- that is now the huge company. When there was a merge of two structures and there were mad rates of increase of the company, the leader who has the centralised approach was required. Now the manager of command spirit is necessary to the company or on - another can name it the arbitrator. Andrey Gusev, in my opinion, is ideally suited under this definition. Andrey has all inclinations for creation of conditions for leadership of many members of team, distribution of powers and responsibility.

- in the market say, as if the present reason of personnel shifts that recently there was a conflict between the Alpha - groups and Lvom Hasisom...

is not so.

- the Lion of Hasis will be included into board of directors H5 after June, 1st?

- To tell the truth, we had not time to discuss it yet.

- Perhaps, you offer it participation in other projects the Alpha - groups ?

- We do not hurry up yet. It the adult, serious, the man of means. It does not have necessity to run tomorrow for work and to get wages. If we find any things in common, that, is assured, we will show mutual desire to continue to work in common.