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Collective appeals will punish with special rigidity

For appeals to terrorism or extremism it is necessary to put in prison years on ten if such appeals lead to mass riots or other heavy consequences . So the group of deputies led by the vice-president of committee on the civil and criminal legislation Andrey Nazarov (fraction " has solved; an United Russia ), having developed corresponding amendments to the Criminal code (UK). The bill will discuss with amendments today at the session socially - conservative club an United Russia (one of four ideologically - political clubs of party) then the project will be officially brought in the State Duma.

criminal punishments for public appeals up to imprisonment within five years are provided and now item 205. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation ( Public appeals to realisation of terrorist activity or the public justification of terrorism ) And item 280 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Public appeals to realisation of extremist activity ). But all these punishments assume that similar crimes are made by any person alone. But, as has shown the expert (for example, a Manezhnaya Square on December, 11th, 2010), extremist, including nationalist, appeals is afforded by quite organised groups of citizens. And when group appeals come to an end with mass riots hardly it is possible to consider these appeals simple expression of opinion has explained Andrey Nazarov. Therefore, as he said, also there is a sense to toughen criminal punishment - imprisonment for the term from five till ten years for public appeals, which, in - the first, are made by the organised group and in - the second, conduct to the organisations of mass riots or to other heavy consequences .