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The Sheremetyevo is closed on spetsobsluzhivanie

As well as assumed in connection with time transition from Vnukovo in the Sheremetyevo spetsotrjada, the state serving the first persons, airlines are compelled to correct seriously plans of flights in a summer season. Some have already made decisions on transfer of a part of flights in Vnukovo and Domodedovo. First of all restrictions will concern charters, but on regular flights, confirm airlines, there is no definitive clearness.
sources on an aviation market have told that the airlines which are carrying out flights from the Sheremetyevo, begin pereverstyvat and to reduce plans of flights in a coming summer season. The transfer planned for April, 15th in the airport of special flight group which serves the first persons of the state (in connection with runway repair in Vnukovo) became the reason. the Sheremetyevo has responsibly approached to transition spetsotrjada, - one of interlocutors " has explained; . - First of all the airport will provide its uninterrupted activity, in the second - regular transportation of strategic partners, basically Aeroflot and other members of alliance SkyTeam, by a residual principle will stand out sloty to the airlines which are not entering into this alliance, and on charter flights .

to Reconsider flight programs of the Sheremetyevo it is compelled from - for serious requirements to the airport, put forward spetsotrjadom. Under planes for the first persons it is necessary to allocate an order of 15 places for parking (now at the airport of 132 parking), and this reduction of ability on reception of planes a minimum for 10 %. The limiting quantity take-off - landing operations will decrease approximately for 15 % - with 38 to 33 - 34 at an o`clock.

in the Sheremetyevo have partially confirmed this information, having specified that the central schedule was imposed taking into account time transition spetsotrjada . All regular flights are kept, charter transportation for May and June will be confirmed in the end of March - explain in a press - airport service. However sources in Aeroflot confirm, what even the regular program of flights of airline definitively is not confirmed till now, not to mention the charter. As a whole Aeroflot from - for transition spetsotrjada will reduce the program of flights approximately to 25 %, having lost $300 - 400 million

transaero has already transferred in Domodedovo regular flights to Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh (five frequencies in a week on Boeing - 777). Thus officially in airline prefer not to connect change with a transfer spetsotrjada, explaining them other technical reasons . Bulgaria Air plans to carry out additional flights to Bulgaria from Vnukovo (reconstruction conditions allow takes off and landing Boeing 737 carriers).

At avianovy There can be complexities with an exit on the international market. The Rosaviation has given the companies the permission to flights to Croatia (Dubrovnik, to the Pool and Zadar), Montenegro (Tivat) and Greece (Hanju). But the question on granting slotov in the Sheremetyevo while is opened. first of all we will aspire to keep regular flights - have explained in airline. About possible updatings of the summer schedule from the Sheremetyevo speak and in the charter airline NordWind belonging to tour operator Pegas - Turistik .

the Source in the Sheremetyevo adds that the airport can lose and a part of the traffic business - transportations as for service of warranty flights will be involved vip - the Sheremetyevo hall And and the terminal of business aircraft.

the editor-in-chief the Aviatransport review Alexey Sinitsky says that the Sheremetyevo it is necessary to make the big efforts at least to keep the passenger traffic in the summer of 2011 at last year`s level. Oleg Panteleev from Aviaport considers what to achieve it probably if sloty on part of departures to transfer for night time or early morning. During this period warranty flights are not carried out almost, the expert explains, but such flights are extremely inconvenient for passengers.