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The American from Italy

Mark Temple St. Claire has been based in 1986 by red-haired and white lady Templ Sent Kler of Carrhae, the young American studying then in Florence. The first ornaments under her name - Temple St. Claire have been exposed in well-known nju - jorkskom department store Barney`s in 1987 - m (madam Templ Sent Kler of Carrhae, happily staying in the status of the student in territory of Italy, simultaneously co-operated with Barney`s in quality bajera) and are bought quickly up. Since then the mark has two seasonal collections of jewelry in a year.

it is necessary to notice that Templ Sent Kler of Carrhae works in the extremely widespread genre for the American jewellers: it maintains generous both never-ending stylistic and subject codes of the Italian Renaissance. The American market of luxury as a whole is traditionally sensitive to the French and Italian historical samples, and, in particular, many American marks produce jewelry in nice spirit of the Renaissance. However it is far not at all it turns out well.

but at Temple St. Claire Italian ornaments in the vintage style - turn out. And the success is influenced by three important circumstances. In - the first, it is years of training of the designer in Florence. In - the second, excellent knowledge of Templ Sent Kler of Carrhae of the present Italian historical jewelry of an epoch of the Renaissance: it had time to study them in antiquarian galleries and museums of Florence. And in - the third, sincere love of the charming woman to subjects created to it. Unlike the majority of the American jewelry subjects Temple St. Claire it is impossible to name callous, ordinary commercial things: in them always there is a mood, they are necessarily made with careful attention to all trifles. In its companies, which office it is located in New York, in area Trajbeka, the solid command of the young designers who have by all means passed a class of training stories of arts works. In bureau Temple St. Claire also the impressive collection of books on stories of the European art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance also is collected.

a mark symbol became kulon: it is a heavy piece of transparent rock crystal, as a rule jajtsevidnoj forms, the prisoner in a framework from the polished yellow gold. On a gold framework - a various decor - small flowers, figures of animals and birds, an ornament. A combination of a transparency and colour, simplicity and complexity - the main reception Temple St. Claire. The designer almost does not use platinum, silver or white gold and almost does not work with classical white brilliants, rubies, emeralds and dark blue sapphires. In its ruler - translucent quartzes, multi-coloured topazes, tsitriny, rubellites, tourist`s raspberries, pomegranates, disgraces, moonstones, and also firm for mark transparent rock crystal. It combines these stones with yellow, hardly patinirovannym gold.

forms of jewelry Temple St. Claire follow known Mediterranean jeweller canons. Many-tier earrings with set of stones. Very big rings with a bright central stone - kaboshonom (kaboshon is its favourite form of a stone; Templ Sent Kler of Carrhae do not involve stones in the classical facets which have appeared in Europe already during New time). Very wide, massive bracelets which densely adjoin to a wrist. Kulony on thick chains or silk laces. But ornaments Temple St. Claire is at all historical costume jewellery it is very qualitative and from the technical point of view of a thing.

In a word, American Templ Sent Kler of Carrhae has learnt at old masters to much and has understood, probably, the most important thing: jewelry - a small personal symbol, a talisman, a sign, a precious and favourite thing from which its owner spends much time. And sometimes - and the whole life.