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Nouvelle Vague The Singers

New Sound Dimensions/ Kwaidan Recordings
On one opened the Russian tour Nouvelle Vague the pair - a three korporativov now is necessary. Besides, solo activity of vocalists became appreciable. Except Petersburger Eugene Ljubich who already with might and main twists the Silver rain in an individual order works for us and Melani of the Foams, one of old residents Nouvelle Vague. Its solo concert will pass tomorrow in art - cafe Durov . A song of Melani of Foams Peut - Etre Pas opens fresh compilation The Singers . Though the collective also is similar at first sight on Factory of stars everybody there to a microphone do not start up, each singer should show before own performing and sochinitelskie talents. For an album The Singers Numbers of 11 vocalists Nouvelle Vague, including Melani, Eugene, and also Kamy Dalme, Marina Cheleste, by Nadeju Mirandu and Fibi Killdir are selected. The unique man at a microphone - Zherald Toto, here it sings the song Do You Dream . In spite of the fact that Kamy, for example, during usual time is engaged bitboksom, and Fibi plays garage fate, for The Singers all have given numbers quite in the spirit of usual Nouvelle Vague.

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