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angel NeBes Idiotroka. Volume 1

Bomba Piter
the Tula group angel NeBes gives out the origin, hardly the listener will look at a cover. In capitals, apparently, for a long time already do not name albums two words merged in one, and puns of type not a demon - heavens . Provincial frankness of collective has pleased to the Petersburg musical figures, and all signals about occurring to a command arrive now basically from Petersburg. The Petersburg residence permit, fortunately, has not affected straight and orthodox Russian fate Angela . Mum, excuse, but I will leave again where - nibud, where - nibud Vodka with a cranberry - continuous dyes Drops of water from the battery break off to me a brain the Head nods h... From - under patches life with me vperegonki " Was played; Give me one glass, where last hundred gramme - Vyacheslav Nikanorova`s life and its colleagues has passed in the distance from those places where for a long time already have decided that it is impossible so to sing. On their hours year approximately 1984 - j, but in heart fights the present passion by which in capitals any more do not do. Probably, to it angel NeBes and has involved the musician Auktsyona Oleg Garkusha who became the main propagandist of creativity of group.

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