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the Voronezh logistical company (VLK) Alexander Bakirova and its partners in addition to the operating warehouse complexes intends construct the refrigerating terminal the area of 60 thousand in sq. m. Volume of investments can to make from above 7 mlrd rbl., to realise project VLK plans within two years. Analysts notice that logistical complexes demand the big investments, but long pay off. However, experts do not exclude that at development of economy of region there can be a deficiency of qualitative warehouse.
Open Company VLK (trade mark Direct Logistics) plans to construct in Ramonsky area of the Voronezh region the refrigerating warehouse the area of 60 thousand in sq. m, was confirmed yesterday with the chief executive of the company Alexander Korjakin. He has informed that, on predesigns, the volume of investments in the project will make an order 7,2 mlrd rbl. from which the part of means is necessary on extra resources. With what bank negotiations are carried on for crediting, and also how many VLK is ready to enclose in the project of own means, a top - the manager did not begin to open. To start building VLK plans in June, and to place object in operation - in one and a half year after the beginning of works. Under the project the site by the area of 15 hectares which belongs to the company will be involved.

as a matter of fact, it is a question of the third turn of logistical centre VLK. For today its area the First stage logotsentra makes 60 thousand in sq. m. (28 thousand sq.) has been handed over in the end of 2008, the second (32 thousand sq.) - in the middle of 2010 - go. The Total volume of investments in their building has made 5,5 mlrd rbl. According to Alexander Korjakina, the free areas at VLK now are not present. As the basic tenants he named X5 Retail Group, the largest domestic ritejlera ( Pjaterochka the Crossroads the Roundabout And other brands), DIY - ritejlera Leroy Merlin (the hypermarket of a network about 12 thousand in sq. m works as the area in city - park Hailstones ) And the Italian manufacturer of home appliances Indesit Company. Mister Korjakin has noticed that operating warehouse areas VLK basically dry storage: we have refrigerating chambers, however not so it is a lot of them. We intend to make a new warehouse completely refrigerating: the temperature mode in its different sites will be from zero to a minus of forty degrees, it will be intended for storage of frozen meat and fish production . Alexander Korjakin has specified that already there is an arrangement with one of potential tenants of the future project, however to name it it did not become.

deficiency of the offer of qualitative logistical and warehouse services, really, is characteristic for the majority of regions, and the Voronezh region is not an exception. In particular, in the regional markets not enough specialised warehouses, first of all it concerns refrigerating capacities - the analyst of a management company " considers; finam Management Maxim Kljagin. In its opinion, low activity of investments into regional logistical projects speaks that their realisation demands enough the big investments which rather long pay off. The time of recovery of outlay of project VLK, according to mister Kljagina, will make an order of eight years.

at VLK there will be no complexities with demand for the warehouse areas - the expert of department of an estimation of the auditor consulting company " considers; 2 Audit - business consultations/ Morison International Peter Klyuyev. The Voronezh market of logistical services, in its estimation, will show in the near future growth at level 15 - 20 % a year, and already in 2012 - the m on it will arise deficiency of warehouse. The senior analyst of the investment financial company Metropol Andrey Rozhkov does not doubt that VLK it will be possible to find the financial partner on the project, as To invest in building of warehouse now it is obviously favourable, as after crisis demand for them starts to grow steadily .

we Will remind that project VLK enters in transportno - a logistical zone Chertovitsky . According to the concept of its development the Voronezh market transportno - logistical services before crisis on the average annually dews on 17 - 23 %, and for January, 1st 2009 - go market capacity made 19,5 mlrd rbl. At the same time, under the forecast, for the period with 2011 - go the increase in rates of development of the market to 20 - 25 % a year is expected, and to 2015 - mu its capacity can increase to 75 mlrd rbl. However, despite optimistical forecasts, while even not all constructed warehouse objects which are in the long term planned as elements Chertovitsky work effectively. In particular, a warehouse complex the Air bus (the joint project rielterskoj the companies Sota and Open Company Aviron ) Already after has been completed, more half a year stood idle without tenants.