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Sergey Bozhenov remained without assistants

In administration of Belgorod there were first resignations after February change of the mayor. Did not begin to prolong both contracts vitse - the mayor - Vasily Boltenkov and Vladimir Skurjatin. Analysts consider that updating of structure of administration has been expected. Experts remind that new city - the manager of Belgorod Sergey Bozhenov headed until recently personnel department in the regional government, and the information saved up there will help it with selection of new assistants.
yesterday the head of secretary of the head of administration of Belgorod Sergey Sukov has confirmed „“ that both vitse - the mayor did not begin to prolong the contracts which terms have expired on March, 9th. “ both have expressed desire to test in other spheres, in their resignation did not send “ - mister Sukov has explained. He also has specified that the new head of department of municipal economy became eks - the head of committee on management of East district of Belgorod Yury Nikulin who has replaced Gennady Vendina who has retired on March, 9th.

With Vasily Boltenkovym and Vladimir Skurjatinym yesterday it was not possible to communicate. Mister Boltenkov worked as the first vitse - the mayor and was, as a matter of fact, the right hand of former head of administration Vasily Potrjasaeva. And mister Skurjatin as the assistant to the head of administration supervised the device. In the mayoralty of Belgorod yet do not name candidates on the released posts. However, it is not excluded that also the structure of the mayoralty in the near future will be changed. Sergey Bozhenov right after statements as city - the manager has declared that plans to create management of strategic development and personnel selection, and also to enter a post vitse - the mayor on economy and innovative development.

vitse - governor Oleg Poluhin has explained the First yesterday „“ that Vasily Boltenkov had “ the private arrangement “ with former city - manager Vasily Potrjasaevym that “ if to leave, together “. “ Therefore resignation of Boltenkova, as a matter of fact, was it is predetermined “ - mister Poluhin has explained. “ And Vladimir Skurjatin applied for city post - the manager, but, without having occupied it, he has understood that prospects of personnel growth in the mayoralty are not present, therefore has decided to leave in business “ - mister Poluhin has explained. As he said, consultations on new vitse - to mayors are already conducted, but potential candidates did not begin to name.

political scientist Vladimir Slatinov has noticed that resignations vitse - mayors were predicted right after city changes - the manager. “ Vasily Potrjasaeva`s replacement by Sergey Bozhenova the regional authorities have shown desire to begin a new stage of development of Belgorod. Mister Potrjasaev declared that to a city is necessary „nezamylennyj an eye“. Therefore from the authorities it would be strange to stop on half of way and to leave to the new mayor an old command “ - mister Slatinov considers. It has reminded that mister Bozhenov worked in Vasily Potrjasaeva`s command, " earlier; and to supervise over with whom was as equals, it is always more difficult “. Vladimir Slatinov has noticed also that Sergey Bozhenov headed until recently personnel selection department in the regional government: “ I Think, the information which it there has saved up, will help it at formation of a new command “. The leader of the Belgorod communists, the deputy of regional Duma Valery Shevljakov agree that “ both vitse - the mayor occupy the posts for a long time and, possibly, have a little sat up “. “ the Old horse of a furrow will not spoil, but, on the other hand, command updating under new problems logically “ - mister Shevljakov has added.