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SMP - to bank has sweetened in Voronezh

the Moscow group “ Oster “ Yury Juldasheva has lost control over Open Company “ Nizhnekisljajsky dairy - canning industrial complex “ (NKMKK, the Voronezh region). The enterprise has now carried over SMP - the bank, one of the basic creditors of industrial complex is also the Savings Bank. As has found out „“, SMP - the bank can transfer factory in control to owners of the Davlekanovsky dairy company (Bashkiria). NKMKK - the unique manufacturer of the condensed milk in the Voronezh region. According to analysts, without the state order the similar enterprises are not capable to work almost with profit.
general director NKMKK Sergey Zdanovich has confirmed „“ that group “ Oster “ in the end of January has definitively lost control over the enterprise and has transferred its under control to the businessmen supervising the Bashkir Davlekanovsky dairy company. “ Now they study industrial complex economy, look at our possibilities and estimate prospects of the work on NKMKK “ - mister Zdanovich has explained. Knows about a situation at factory and the head of Buturlinovsky area Vasily Shevtsov. He has told that the enterprise has passed under control of the creditor - SMP - bank. “ now the bank, really, carries on negotiations for factory transfer under company “Γπΰνσμ“ management behind which there are owners of one of the dairy companies “ - mister Shevtsov has explained.

in group “ Oster “ have confirmed that any more do not own industrial complex in the Voronezh region which is supervised for today SMP - bank. From other comments in “ Ostere “ have refused flatly. In the reception Davlekanovsky dairy company to connect to its heads did not become, having referred to their employment. In SMP - bank to make comments on the information about NKMKK did not become, having referred to a trade secret.

Nizhnekisljajsky dairy - the canning industrial complex lets out the condensed milk and vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, baklazhannaja and kabachkovaja caviar, a green peas, corn - under a brand “ Garnirio “) . In 2009 it is made 14,4 million conditional banok vegetable canned food (growth in 2,4 times in comparison with 2008) and 22,3 million conditional banok production from the condensed milk. Designed capacity of industrial complex allows to let out to 8 million conditional banok vegetable production and to 2,5 million conditional banok condensed milk in a month. A loss in 2009, by data “ SPARK - Interfax “ has made hardly less than 75 million rbl., and the gain has exceeded 650 million rbl. Besides NKMKK in a group of companies “ Oster “ Open Societies " until recently entered; Suhonsky dairy industrial complex “ (the Vologda area), and also Open Company agroeconomy “ Agrofirm „Shipova the Oak grove“ “ and Joint-Stock Company “ Gerino “. Financial indicators do not reveal. The basic owner Yury Juldashev is considered.

Besides SMP - bank for factory actives applies and It is central - Chernozemnyj bank of the Savings Bank of Russia. There have confirmed presence of problem debts NKMKK at a rate of 500 million rbl. The Savings Bank already collects a debt through court, however, in the claim the total sum of claims makes 871 million rbl. Arbitration under the bank petition recently has seized party of canned food and condensed milk, and also the basic property NKMKK.

the Assistant to the general director of Open Company “ Investment chamber “ (Voronezh) Alexey Petrov believes that for the enterprises similar NKMKK, chance to survive and successfully to develop is only in the presence of contracts on deliveries of production to state institutions. “ without the state order maximum marzhinalnaja profitability of similar factories is equal 6 - 8 % “ - mister Petrov considers. On NKMKK, according to the expert, “ the worn out equipment, problems with raw materials and the personnel “. Anatoly Losev, the assistant to the general director on holding economic problems “ Molvest “ it agree that a raw problem - one of key for pererabotchikov milk for today. “ The dumping of the Belarus manufacturers at which the raw materials approximately on 30 % are cheaper, just and leads to closing of the regional enterprises “ - mister Losev has explained. He has paid attention also to that fact that in March of last year group “ Oster “ itself it was reoriented on work with foreign suppliers and, in particular, declared that became the foreign trade partner of Open Society “ Rogachevsky MKK “ (Belarus), having received an exclusive right on sale of condensed milk of industrial complex to Russia and the organisation distribjutorskoj networks.