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Italian nekrorealizm

the New picture the Uniform of Marshall Nine left in a year before last and it is a little podzaderzhavshajasja on a way to the Russian big screen, it is made in a film genre - a concert on motives of creativity of Federiko Fellini, with numerous citations of it and reminiscences. In the plot centre - it is enough nartsissichnyj and spoilt hero Deniela Day - Lewis, Marcello Mastrojanni successfully combining sexual appeal and the Fellini`s generous brain, capable to produce sometimes quite thin and paradoxical reasonings on the nature of cinema creativity.

Begins Nine From a monologue of the hero that the film is a fragile, imperceptible dream which can be killed some times (according to this concept not deprived of sense, everything of what there is a film, kills him is the scenario, a film, installation), and only sometimes if very much will carry, the dream is restored to life and in a dark hall of a cinema there is a miracle. Here the temptation is great to continue that else with bolshej reliability the dream of the present cinema magic is killed by songs and dances, especially when they are not so refined entered in a plot (as, say, it was at the same the Uniform of Marshall in Chicago ) And serve as numerous multi-coloured spangles on its fields.

a plot Nine creativity torments are: the action takes place in 1965 - m to year when the brilliant and self-confident playboy director Guido starts the new project - a picture about spirit of Italy in which it would appear as a myth, dream and as the woman. The film simply " is called; Italy and on a question of the journalist, whether not too it is immodest, the director dexterously parries that in films in general - that is not present anything modest - they cost much, long act in film, they are done by set of people so, in effect, in a cinema with modesty there is nothing. Otbriv to a press, the maestro lays down on a table in creative exhaustion and waits, when the best women of this world will start to drive round it round dances, showering with its compliments, delights and all services. The devoted costumier (Dzhudi Dench) ties to it a tie, mum (Sofi Loren) be touched: The whole world sees Rome your eyes, through your films the wife (Marijon Kotijar) gently breathes and coos in a receiver. Sometimes the ladies` agiotage round the hero accepts pesenno - choreographic forms. So, Dzhudi Dench in the music turn, having put on a red boa and a hat and pripustiv the French accent, nostalgiruet on Foli - Berzher also remembers the hero 9 - the summer boy whom it has remembered it when - that among visitors of cabaret. Penelopa Krus (playing the mistress of the hero) is shaken on a rope, Kate Hudson in a role of the journalist admiring the master, moves down on a pole and sings, how it without mind from the Italian neo-realism in general and from Guido in particular at which each shot as a card, and all its dolce vita is similar to any magnificent Italian film.

the female contingent adores the hero so importunately that during any moment at it the mood from surplus sweet spoils. If in the introductory aria he sings that wants to force the whole world to the knees as he likes to overstep the limits and regrets only that he one such exclusive in all this world by the end the tragical song about is laid up what lost, lonely and lost all reference points feels the poor creator who like still to steam of scenes swaggered supposedly to such genius as it, is absolutely not necessary any scenario back, and simply enough to put in front of the chamber the world star (Nicole Kidman). That, certainly, too at heart is enamoured of it and lives regrets that when - that he and has not dared to be knocked to it in a hotel room (though on the man who is played by Deniel Day - Lewis, to tell the truth, it a little similar). Basically, the basic message Nine - That in a cinema not to succeed without the self-confidence sometimes passing in pathological self-admiration, - objections does not cause, however the form of giving of this aggressive credo has turned out marvellously lifeless: started by Robom Marshall games give to the Italian stylistics revival great and expensive to heart, but for a long time decayed dead men and cause desire to discharge solemn atmosphere an ancient hooligan rhyme: the Beginning critic of cinema has looked very early in a window. There hung on Federiko Fellini`s aspen. Also hung, obviously, for a long time .

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