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Painfully clever

In fantastic tehnotrillere darkness Areas (2001) writers Alan Glinna it is a question of new type of a drug which is thought up not for a high, and for work - it it is not simple opens perception doors but forces the person to include a head and to stick without a stop with all possible efficiency. Not such a fantastic assumption - revolutionary a preparation as a matter of fact simply imagined hybrid for a long time the existing means improving concentration and memory, with adrenalinic stimulators.

in a film of the accurate and diligent director of Nile Berger known in basic sound for the statement the Illusionist (2006) with Andrew Norton and Polom Dzhamatti, otvjaznyj Bradley Cooper represents that fairly shabby bohemian ohlamona in prolonged creative crisis, unpleasantly efficient glossy businessman who rushes on a city as naskipidarennyj, and solves questions. Its character Eddi burdened with bad habits, cannot add in any way ordered to it the publisher the book. It casually faces in the street old familiar Vernon Gantom (Johnny Uitvort) who have for a long time gone from a field of vision, which with dexterity skilled pushera vtjuhivaet to it a magic tablet. And instead of as usual relaxing under a high, Eddi starts to do promptly all necessary affairs and feels itself suspiciously grown wiser from new nonsenses . He immediately reads thick books, on a course remembering huge volumes of the information, and in no time copes with work which could not master in any way earlier. Inspired by result, Eddi sits down on own efficiency under new substance, with ease learns foreign languages, finds ability to stir on any themes, on this soil it starts to be pleasant to women - and decides to start up the new skills in business. Only chooses not former writing not bringing the income, and fast zakolachivanie money - stock market game. Such classical knowledge as gamble, too is given to it without effort, but business rests against a problem of the starting capital. The initial sum to it is borrowed by Russian gangster Gennady (Andrew Howard) - a figure comical enough. When Gennady steals some tablets from Eddi and starts them to accept, it appears that the substance stimulates everyone on abilities. This gloomy bald man with knives too starts to think and reach faster for the best life, but only moderately the representations about fine and in compliance with a small amount of the brains released to it. And winning on resale of actions the appreciable sums of Eddi are taken in hand by billionaire Charles Van Lun (Robert De Niro). As life is adjusted, Eddi gets apartment in the centre of the world in cost in some millions, the girlfriend - the blonde (the Australian actress Ebbi Kornish), but at the same time and some problems. He notices that during time ejforicheskih tripov on clubs as if fails in drowsiness and becomes aggressive, but the main thing - then at all does not remember, whether prishib whom inadvertently. Darkness areas - a stimulator by-effect. Besides a stock of tablets on an outcome.

at a plot about unexpectedly grown wiser man there is some logic incongruity - the clever brain has got to the fool . If Eddi put spurs by chemistry henceforth such genius and the bigwig why painfully considers tablets and does not guess to buy if not zavodik then pharmaceutical laboratory and to adjust release on available samples? It is patrimonial illness of thrillers: if characters always behaved adequately, a plot would be uninteresting to watch. So instead of an efficiency hymn, in process of increase at Eddi of deadly problems, the history turns around indifference apologia: here would lie to itself easy on a sofa yes beer drank - you look, with it and there was nothing more terribly middle age crisis.

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